I collect a lot of things in my spare time. I collect sports memorabilia, comic books, action figures, bobbleheads and lots of other stuff. I like old stuff and new stuff. Anything I find, I try to get.

My wife is understanding of my collections. I have an upstairs and downstairs place for stuff. I keep my sports action figures and bobbleheads upstairs. Anything that is sports related is up there. I keep my comic books and other action figures downstairs. The walls are all lined with shelves, so I can show them off.

I would say that the upstairs is more of a man cave. It's also the same room my wife uses for her office. Downstairs is more of my own little area. It's also my gym, and the walls are decked out with my collectibles.

I've been collecting more of the valuable stuff in the last four or five years. I've been collecting since I was a kid, but I got really serious about it several years ago. I've got tons of cool stuff. I have lots of vintage comic books and older action figures.

If I had to pick one thing I like the most, it's a movie poster of the Joker from "The Dark Knight" that is signed by Heath Ledger. I have it framed. There are also some comic books that I really like. I like my original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and He-Man figures. My house is filled with jerseys on the wall. Tons of jerseys.

I have all the bobbleheads of me. I have all the jerseys from my Minor League and Major League All-Star games. I have baseballs from those games signed by a lot of the guys. I have balls from milestones in my career, like my first hit, my 100th hit, and so on. I have helmets and, of course, baseball cards. In fact, my wife's parents did a cool thing for me -- they got every baseball card of me and had them framed.

I think my collection is close to -- if not more than -- 1,000 items. I have tons of balls, bats and other sports-related items. I probably have about 100 comic books. They are all certified and kept in Mylar pouches. There is still a lot of stuff that I haven't even put up yet. I ran out of room.

My wife doesn't mind my collecting too much. She's very understanding. She's given me a lot of room to work with. I think she secretly likes it, but probably wishes she had a little bit more space for herself.

My kids love my collection. My oldest son is mad that he can't get into my room and play with my stuff because some of it is boxed up. He will be able to enjoy it more when he gets older. I give my other kids tours every now and then.

Milwaukee slugger Corey Hart popped 26 homers in 2011 after hitting 31 last season. The 26 homers ranked third on the National League champion Brewers.