• Three-time All-Star Russell Martin knows how special it feels to play in baseball's Midsummer Classic, and that's exactly why he passed his playing time in this year's All-Star Game to first-time honoree Matt Wieters. "I went into [manager Ron Washington's] office and told him, 'I'm ready to play, but I think it would be pretty cool if you give Wieters a chance to play in his first All-Star Game.' For me, I just put myself in his shoes. I just thought it was a good idea," said Martin. "It's huge," said a very appreciative Wieters, who was unaware of Martin's good deed until after the game. "It makes me think that much more of that guy. It's a real unselfish act." (New York Daily News)

• Bearded wonder Brian Wilson was the clear choice for Best Dressed on last night's ESPY Awards red carpet in a spandex tuxedo suit. Said Wilson of his unique look, "It's a onesie, so it has built-in gloves that are a little dirty because I've been getting a little awkward here on the carpet. And I've got my cougar cane -- my 'plus one' tonight. The [ninja] socks came in the fan mail from a San Francisco Giants fan. You know who you are -- thank you. It said: 'Enjoy." That was the letter. And I'm currently enjoying them." (Yahoo Sports!)

• Honorable mention goes to Evan Longoria and his entourage with their "Anchorman meets Dumb & Dumber" suits. (Twitter)

• Jacoby Ellsbury's very first All-Star Game was more than just the chance to fulfill a baseball dream -- it was the chance to honor his Native American heritage and play near the Arizona reservation where he lived with his grandmother as a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. "This was a dream of mine as a little kid," said Ellsbury, the first Navajo player in the Major Leagues. "It's exciting for me to be out here, to come back. I still keep in touch with some of these people. It's something I'm very proud of. I'm very proud to be a Native American." (ESPNBoston.com)

• Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson was born and raised in Illinois, but somewhere along the line he became a "diehard" fan of Kansas basketball. (Kansas City Star)

• For Major League veteran Michael Cuddyer, teammates like Nick Punto aren't just co-workers -- they're family. Blogged Cuddyer, "The one thing average baseball fan doesn't realize is how much time ballplayers spend at the park or spend on the road. A clubhouse is a special place to go to work, and it is an honor to share it with the guys I call teammates. Your teammates become an extension of your family. Baseball is a game you can't do alone, and because of that, the word 'teammate' has a much stronger meaning than many will ever know." (FOX Sports North)

• It's '80s night at the Rogers Centre, and Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia is looking for suggestions for his walk-up music. (Twitter)

• Congratulations to Roy Halladay, who took home the 2011 ESPY Awards for Best MLB Player and Best Moment after racking up 21 wins and tossing a no-hitter in 2010 National League Division Series. (Philadelphia Daily News)

Tweet of the Day: "Just deleted 'Bossy' by #Kelis from my I-tunes, what was I thinking when I bought that one?" -- Indians closer Chris Perez (@ChrisPerez54). Twins third baseman Danny Valencia replied, "@ChrisPerez54 I remember you were blasting Barbara Streisand and Celine dion back in 05 and singing to it on the way to work outs at 515am." (@dannyvalencia18)

Quote of the Day: "Wow, it has to be the first web gem I ever made, when I had just come up back in Cleveland. It wasn't between-the-legs or behind-the-back or anything like that. A ball hit to my left and I dove to keep it in front of me, spun and made the throw. That has to be the one because it was the first." -- Human highlight reel Brandon Phillips on the web gem he's proudest of making. (ESPN.com)