Student Night

Student Night concession items include one of each of the following:

  1. Regular Fountain Soda (16 oz.)
  2. Choice of the following:
    1. Nathan's Hot Dog - Not including Foot Long Hot Dog; also valid for gluten free hot dog or kosher hot dog
    2. Regular Brooklyn Burger - Not including Fielder's Choice Burgers from Delta Club Market, Caesars Club, Promenade Club or Keith's Grill; also valid for gluten free burger (we regret that there is no kosher burger option)
    3. Veggie Burger or Veggie Dog - Not including Veggie Burger from Delta Club Market
    4. Two Boots Pizza Slice - Cheese, Mild, or Pepperoni

Student Night vouchers may be redeemed at any participating concession stand where eligible items are sold, except where otherwise noted.