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3/7/2013 10:53 A.M. ET

Melvin back to work after scorpion sting

PHOENIX -- At this rate, general managers will need their own disabled list.

Brewers GM Doug Melvin was back in his office by 8 a.m. MT on Thursday after being stung by a scorpion Wednesday night. Just three days earlier, Yankees GM Brian Cashman broke his right fibula and dislocated his right ankle while parachute jumping with the U.S. Army in support of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Cashman needed surgery. Melvin had it a little easier, though he spent three hours in the emergency room after his scare, and his left arm was still zinging on Thursday.

Melvin was at his Spring Training condo after dinner when his wife, Ellen, noticed a bug scuttling across the floor. So Doug Melvin grabbed a tissue and attempted to eliminate what he believed was a harmless problem, only to be stung on the middle finger by what he learned was an Arizona bark scorpion -- the only one of the 80 scorpion species in the United States considered lethal, according to Slate.

"I didn't know anything about [them] -- I do now," Melvin said.

He described the sensation as an "intense bee sting" and his left hand began to swell immediately. After a quick Google search, Melvin decided to go to the emergency room. He was monitored there for several hours.

"I got nervous when all of the numbness started getting up in the shoulder area," Melvin said. "You think, 'Can this thing go to your heart?' They said you can lose your breathing; your vision can be a problem. None of that happened to me."

This wasn't the first time that a member of Brewers camp has tangled with a scorpion.

Zach Braddock, a left-handed pitcher who is now with the Orioles, was stung on the left ankle by a scorpion in March 2011. He felt discomfort but suffered no serious symptoms.

Scorpions average 2 1/2 inches in length, according to National Geographic. The ones that stung both Melvin and Braddock were less than an inch long. Braddock was sitting on a couch chatting at the time he was stung.

"It felt like someone was pulling your hair out, and then it progressively got worse," Braddock said. "It was out of nowhere."

In 2009, the wife of Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta, Molly, was also bitten by a scorpion in Arizona and was also OK.

What will Doug Melvin do the next time Ellen spots a bug crawling across the floor?

"I'm going to have her kill it with her shoe," he said.

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