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01/29/12 6:00 PM EST

Roenicke, Hart chat with Brewers fans

Moderator: First question comes from Derek and he asking Ron about the leadoff position heading into this season.

Roenicke: It will probably be Corey Hart or Rickie Weeks. That will be a conversation we will have with them in spring training. Until we get a prototypical leadoff guy, we will probably go with one of those two.

Moderator: Paul Robinson from Facebook asks: Who would you pick for an unexpected break out season?

Roenicke: We know what we are going to get from most of the infield, but at first base and catcher are two spots. Luc could have a breakout year and Gamel is going to be looked upon to have a good year. Pitching wise we are set as well from a starting standpoint. It would be nice to see a guy like Chris Narveson have a great year.

Moderator: This question comes in from @mcx1110 via twitter: Ron, who will be hitting 5th in the lineup to start the season?

Roenicke: When you talk about the leadoff spot you also talk about the 5th spot and guys like Rickie and Corey are interchangable there. Nyjer is a guy that is probably going to be in the second spot again this year. Aramis will probably hit 4th and I had a conversation with Rickie about it. It is nice when I have an idea in the lineup but when a player has an idea about where he wants to be, I like to hear about that. Players play better when they are healthy.

sthrowmark: What are you looking for in Dale Sveum's replacement?

Roenicke: Dale was here for a long time. He knows the players and was used to them. Johnny Narron was in our minor league system and he knows our players too. He has worked with them. I called some of our players to see what they thought as well. I even called some players from Texas which helped out a lot. Many people said he was a difference maker and that really meant a lot to me.

Moderator: Another question for Ron via twitter. This one comes from @bkropp12: Ron, what is it like to have a newcomer like Aramis Ramirez who needs to put up big numbers?

Roenicke: Aramis is a leader and leadership is important, just because a guy is a veteran and has been a star, it doesn't mean he has to be a leader. Leaders lead in different ways. Rickie is a leader who doesn't say much, but when he does say something people listen. Aramis isn't very vocal, but we need him to be him. We need him to be comfortable and perform on the field.

linkwray: You guys see a lot of cities with a lot of different culinary specialties. Any favorite regional "road snacks"?

Roenicke: Most of the time I have been in the American League, but San Francisco is always near the top. Seattle has a great little open market with fresh fish. Every city has their great little thing. Kansas City with the great BBQ. I love New York everytime. The one nice thing about being with all the different teams that I have been with because you get to live in different parts of the country and visit great cities. We have some unbelieveable things in this country to see and I am lucky enough to have seen this.

Moderator: Thanks to Ron Roenicke for your time today! Corey Hart is now with us, keep the questions coming!

cmallas: Corey, who is faster, you or Rickie Weeks? Real talk.

Hart: Rickie is pretty fast, but I'm still faster. But, we have a lot of guys now who can blow us out of the water!

BrewCrewFanatic: Corey, what do you plan to work on the most when preparing to play first base in Spring Training?

Hart: I will be working with some different coaches and normally I like sleeping in to 6:30 every morning during spring training, but now I might have to get up at 5 a.m. to do some early infield drills!

Moderator A question from Andy on Facebook: Corey, are you gonna grow the beard out to Brian Wilson's length?

Hart: I'm from the country, so I will always have something going on, but I might get in trouble with the wife if I shave it. It's not going to get too crazy, but I'm keeping it.

Hart: A question from Nick on Facebook: Since you and the Cardinals became rivals and they won the World Series did that make you tip your cap to them or were you mad about it?

Hart: I was definitely anti-Cardinals after we lost, I didn't want to watch the World Series, but I did watch game six. It was a really fun game to watch. I watched the end of game seven and kind of got mad, but it was good motivation for next year. Both times we made the Postseason, we have lost to the World Series winner which is good.

siouxpilot: What is going to be the one thing you miss most about not having Fielder?

Hart: I will miss him because we are good friends, but I will also miss him because he was such a good player. Baseball is a business and we will move on, but I will miss seeing him around in the clubhouse!

RI_Brewer: Who do you see helping out with clubhouse leadership since Craig Counsell has a new job this year?

Hart: I kind of take younger guys under my wing and make them feel comfortable. I get more mature every year and I like to show them the ropes a little bit.

Moderator: A question from Corey on the Brewers facebook page for Corey - With the addition of Aramis Ramierez do you think the Brew Crew will make a positive and direct impact this year?

Hart: I think he will fit in just fine. I know him from playing against him. He is a .300 hitter and can hit 30 home runs. He will be a big force in the middle of the lineup for us this year.

linkwray: Hey Corey, besides playing ball, what is your favorite thing about living in Wisconsin for part of the year?

Hart: On those few days off, I just like to be outside with the kids. The summers are great here. If we have a day off, we try to go to the Wisconsin Dells. We like it there.

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