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05/28/11 8:23 PM ET

MLB.TV assists on inside-the-park homer call

MILWAUKEE -- Is a home run a home run if the official scorer couldn't see it?

Longtime scorer Tim O'Driscoll found himself in a tight spot Saturday after Brewers speedster Carlos Gomez scampered around the bases in the first inning for a 1-0 lead. Gomez had poked a hit along Miller Park's first-base line, where Giants right fielder Cody Ross tried to cut it off.

Then, who knows?

The grandstand obstructs the view of the right-field corner for half of the fans at Miller Park, plus everybody in the press box. The Brewers' local television feed didn't catch a good angle to explain why the baseball got past Ross and rolled all the way to the wall while Gomez sprinted all the way home.

"The only thing I knew when I hit the ball is that right away I think, 'double,'" Gomez said. "I know Ross is a really good outfielder and makes really good throws to the base, so I had to be real aggressive. When I turned first, I heard the first-base coach [Garth Iorg] say, 'Go three!' Then I looked at Eddie [Sedar, the third-base coach] when I thought he would for sure stop me, and he kept sending me home.

"I said, 'All right.' I pushed everything I've got. I ran as hard as I can."

O'Driscoll tentatively ruled the play an inside-the-park home run, then confirmed his call when a helpful member of the press corps called up a replay of the Giants' television feed via MLB.TV. It showed the ball simply rolled under Ross' glove.

O'Driscoll stayed with his original call, an inside-the-park homer, the first of Gomez's career and the first by a Brewer since Rickie Weeks hit one against Houston's Brett Myers last Aug. 7. In all, the Brewers have hit 29 inside-the-park home runs, including two by noted speedster Prince Fielder.

Ross and the Giants believed the play should have been ruled a single and an error and asked O'Driscoll after the game to reconsider his ruling.

"I missed it. It should be an error, actually," Ross said. "It should not be an inside-the-park home run. I blew it, basically. It's not a home run for sure. It definitely shouldn't go against [Giants left-hander Jonathan Sanchez]. I went down to go get it and I whiffed. It got by me. Error. That's it. It shouldn't be a home run."

Said Gomez: "That woke me up. I feel tired, too, after that. I feel my legs shaking. I didn't expect it. I got in my mind only a double, and when you see the coach sending you all the way home, it changes."

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