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06/11/10 4:20 PM ET

McGehee chats it up with Brewers fans

Casey McGehee: Thanks for joining me today, let's get started!

jameelyn21: Do your teammates have a nickname for you?

McGehee: It's funny because everyone calls me "Mac," which is confusing, because we call my son that as well. Sometimes I get called some things that are not family-friendly. There was also a local radio show here that said they would start calling me "Buster." Anything works for me!

jordan0823: How does it feel to play next to two of the best players in the Major Leagues?

McGehee: You kind of take them for granted seeing them on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes we get a little spoiled expecting them to do something phenomenal every time they get up. Prince [Fielder] and Ryan [Braun] are no doubt two of the best players in baseball and it is great to get to play with them every day.

crew2010: Do you think that you guys are turning the corner and will start moving up in the National League Central?

McGehee: We have definitely been playing better as of late. The best thing about baseball is that it is a long season. Hopefully we can continue playing well like we have been as of late and carry it on the rest of the year and see where it takes us.

potlicker: Who seems to be the prankster or the clown of the club? Is the team cohesion as good this year as it was last year, or is it more work and no play?

McGehee: We have a lot of guys who like to keep it loose in the clubhouse. You have to stay on your toes at all times -- you never know what will come your way! We still have a very tight group of guys in our clubhouse. It is different than last year, but I still think we have really good team chemistry.

dewdeck88: Casey, talk about what it means for you personally to have a "quality at-bat" -- meaning whether you strike out, get on base, or make an out, you know you were smart at the plate and gave it your best.

McGehee: Part of having a quality at bat is swinging at the right pitches and making the pitcher work. With baseball being the way it is, sometimes you can do everything right but not have the results to show for it. Sometimes a good at-bat is making a productive out by moving a runner up like Craig Counsell did at the end of Thursday's game.

Ttonyg30: Past or present, what pitcher would you most like to hit a home run off of that you have not done so yet, and why?

McGehee: Roger Clemens. He is one of the best ever. It is always fun to be in there against the best, it is kind of a measuring stick for you.

lizzie0807: Hey Casey -- I'll be the first to ask how Mac and Cooper are?

McGehee: Everybody is healthy and happy doing well. Thank you to everyone for all of the well wishes for me and my family! They come to the game every night!

brewcrew1211: Hey Casey, how have you managed to avoid the sophomore slump that many players fall victim to?

McGehee: You just have to continue to work to improve every day and never take this game for granted. It helps having such a great lineup around me to take a lot of the pressure off me.

johnald: If you could play any other position besides third base, what would it be?

McGehee: I would want to be a catcher. I did it quite a bit in the Minor Leagues and I always loved doing it. It is fun to be in the middle of the action and control the game.

jetblack33: Do you feel yourself contributing at a high level for years to come? And if so, do you see yourself in Milwaukee long-term?

McGehee: I feel like I can contribute to a winning team for many years to come and hopefully it works out to where I can make Milwaukee my second home.

trpet70: So Casey, what do you attribute to your success at the plate this year? And what do you think about being in fourth place in the All-Star ballot at third base?

McGehee: A lot of it is thanks to having a lot of guys on base and being given the chance to drive in runs. A little bit of luck doesn't hurt either! As for the All-Star balloting, it is great to know that I am up there with some of the best in baseball! It would sure be an honor to go to the All-Star Game, keep voting for all the Brewers online!

whodat314: I see you and Prince chatting it up in the dugout a lot. Is there a good friendship between the two of you? And if so, does it have anything to do with both of you being family men?

McGehee: We spend a lot of time talking about hitting in the dugout during games. It started last year at Spring Training and we just kind of hit it off. It is good for both of us to keep us loose and relaxed, but also allows us to stay focused on the game.

notnotjoe: Where do you conduct these chat sessions from?

McGehee: A very top secret bunker just outside of Miller Park. Not even the President can get in!

nopalani: Do you have a pregame ritual?

McGehee: On the way to the field, I drive the same way and listen to the same music. Once I get to the field, I go through the same batting practice and fielding routine. I have one of the trainers stretch my legs the same way every day, too. Other than that, I kind of just go with the flow.

milksteak: is this really a live chat or are these questions prefabricated? I wonder this.

McGehee: Just to prove it is a live chat, I will answer this question. It is live! Unfortunately, I will not be able to answer everyone's questions because it is live!

lizzie0807: Who has had the most influence on your career so far?

McGehee: Outside of my father, I have had a lot of people who have influenced my career. My Double-A manager, Bobby Dickerson, had the biggest influence on me in regards on how to approach the game and how to deal with the ups and downs of a professional baseball season.

trout47: Do you pronounce your name as if it was McGee?

McGehee: Yes, you pronounce it as though it was "McGee." Willis McGahee plays in the NFL, and being that there is no "A" in my last name, I don't get the confusion. Thanks you for that question -- that is one of the few things that drives me absolutely nuts!

McGehee: Thanks for joining me today and all the questions. I have to head out for some early batting practice now and prepare for the Rangers. Sorry I couldn't get to all of your questions, I am kind of a slow typer. Go Brewers and I will see you all at Miller Park.

McGehee: And don't forget to keep voting for the Brewers for the All-Star Game!

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