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05/13/09 4:58 PM ET

Chat transcript: Todd Coffey

Brewers reliever answers online questions from fans

Todd Coffey: Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today! Looks like we have some great questions! Let's get started.

witek: Why do you run out of the bullpen upon entering a game?

Coffey: The reason I run in is because one season in Double-A, I was closing. We took the lead in the bottom of the 8th and scored like six runs. I was jacked up and just ran out there. I liked the way I felt when I did it and just kept doing it. I like when the fans get into it, too!

struedel: How do you feel about the "Coffey Time" graphic that times your sprint in from the bullpen?

Coffey: I think it is pretty cool that they put that up on the board. I am actually looking to beat my times now, so we will see how that goes.

struedel: How much grief did you get from teammates when you obliged the kiss cam in Cincinnati?

Coffey: Everybody loved it! They thought it was awesome. I was looking for someone else, but I had to compromise. Villa was the closest, so he wore it.

struedel: Have you asked Ken Macha permission to run in the Sausage Race? I think you'd win, you're pretty fast!

Coffey: I want to! Maybe someday ...

pipes1225: Hi, Mr. Coffey. I am a fifth grade teacher here online with my class. We were wondering if you ever became a closer, what would your intro song be?

Coffey: I am still trying to figure out my intro song, but right now I am using "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky.

smoky9: Hey Todd, are you missing it down here in Forest City, NC?

Coffey: I always miss home! I was lucky enough to recently go home on the off-day, which was nice.

bucknmon: Does Starbucks sponsor that and do you even like coffee? Good luck on beating your times!

Coffey: I love Starbucks coffee. I usually get a cup every day. I get a Venti Sumatra.

brewship: How has Trevor Hoffman impacted your approach to the game and what have you learned from him in his short time here?

Coffey: Trevor has impacted my approach tremendously. Just watching him go about his business and how he handles himself and just learning from a future Hall of Famer on pitching and pitching philosophies really helps me and the rest of the team out.

pipes1225: My students were wondering growing up, what was your favorite subject in school?

Coffey: In school, history was by far my favorite subject. If I wasn't a baseball player, I would definitely be a history teacher.

jeo2: Todd, do you have any idea when you are going into a game -- like, you see something happening in the game and assume you will get the call soon?

Coffey: As a bullpen guy, if you are not the closer, you don't really have an idea of when you are coming in. But you can also read the situations and know how the manager has been using you to get a clue on how he is going to use you again in future games.

chippychip: Do you like being a Brewer better than being a Red?

Coffey: I definitely like being a Brewer more because of the way the fans are into the game here. I remember coming to Opening Day here and seeing fans tailgating hours before the game. In Cincinnati, it really isn't full until the second inning. Milwaukee has great fans and that helps.

kimjoe: How fast are your pitches sometimes?

Coffey: Usually, I pitch between 94-96 mph on my fastball.

kimjoe: When you were younger, who was your favorite team growing up?

Coffey: I grew up in North Carolina, the team I grew up watching was the Braves. I remember going to the games every Friday, Saturday and Sunday when they were home.

struedel: Would you ever consider tailgating with the fans like Vuckovich and Gorman used to do?

Coffey: Absolutely! If I had the time, I would be out there as much as I could. If they get there early enough, I am here at 1 p.m. every day!! My favorite thing on the grill is a brat, if they aren't grilled they are terrible.

snapettes: One of my students was wondering what is your favorite football team?

Coffey: Carolina Panthers!

pipes1225: Here is another question from my students: We are wondering who you sit next to on the team bus?

Coffey: Everybody has their own seat on the bus. I sit behind Ryan Braun and usually in front of Prince Fielder.

chippychip: Have you ever pulled pranks on players and, if you did, what was your funniest or best one?

Coffey: That one might get me into a little trouble.

ohiggins: Where do you see your future with the Brewers going?

Coffey: I like it here. I see my future as going out there and pitching everyday and hopefully the Brewers will want me here. We have a great team and a great organization and I enjoy being here.

ohiggins: What do fans have to do to get your autograph?

Coffey: When I am coming off the field after batting practice and fans holler at me, I will sign as long as I don't have a workout or a meeting or something. You can also to send me a letter here at Miller Park.

brewers023: Which stadium is your favorite to play at?

Coffey: Any stadium that has a lot of history -- Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, the old Shea Stadium. Any stadium that has a lot of history. It is neat to be on the same field as some of the all-time greats.

snapettes: Are you married/children?

Coffey: Yes, I am married. My wife and I have three wonderful kids, two girls and baby boy.

josh_frost: What's the craziest routine or superstition you guys have in the bullpen?

Coffey: I really don't have superstitions, but I have a routine that I like to go through -- things like trying to eat at the same time before each game, stretch the same way, those things, but really no superstitions.

jeo2: You got to have an at-bat earlier this year. Is hitting something you enjoy and would like to do more of?

Coffey: I could go the rest of my career without an at-bat. I am a pitcher and I have no delusions of being a hitter.

snapettes: Now being part of Milwaukee, did you feel the tension between us and the Cubs?

Coffey: I have been in the NL Central Division my whole career, so I have always had something against the Cubs. I definitely feel more tension with the Cubs and the Brewers than with any other team.

loveless79: What's your fastest time running from the pen to the mound? That is classic man!!!

Coffey: I think it was right around 14.51 seconds. But remember, it is still early in the season!

rmullen: How have you adjusted to fitting in with your teammates?

Coffey: I was fortunate enough to play with a couple of these guys in the Arizona Fall League. And then playing against these guys the past couple of years, you get to know them. As soon as I walked in the clubhouse last year when we were in Philadelphia, I felt at home.

Coffey: Thanks everyone for joining me today in the Web chat! I look forward to seeing Brewers fans at Miller Park for Coffey Time!! We also appreciate the strong support on the road, which we need!! Go Brewers!

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