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05/01/09 5:46 PM ET

Yovani Gallardo chat transcript

Brewers pitcher answers online questions from fans

Yovani Gallardo: Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today in the webchat, let's get started!

daffythed: What was it like to pitch your first complete game in houston in front of your family.

Yovani Gallardo: It was pretty amazing! I didn't have many opportunities to pitch in front of my family and it was definately exciting. It made it extra special that I never had a complete game in the minor league either. Hopefully there are more to come!!

thecrew05: How does it feel being the ace of the club at such a young age? Nice hitting by the way!

Yovani Gallardo: It feels very special just to be a big part of the team and such a young age. Every starting pitcher would want to be at the top the rotation.

kirbir: In your next start, you're slated to face the Pirates again. Do you approach preparing for a team you've recently played differently than one you haven't played for weeks or more?

Yovani Gallardo: I guess you are really going into the game with a plan and once the first couple of innings come, you have to make adjustments, see how they are swinging the bat and go from there. But generally, you prepare the same way.

zeic0001: How much have you learned from Jeff Suppan's veteran leadership?

Yovani Gallardo: I have learned quite a bit from him. He has been playing the game for a long time and has been in the postseason. He is a great guy to be around, we have good conversations between starts and I really learn from him.

jzeich: Hi Mr. Gallardo. Growing up, did you have a favorite baseball player, and what player influenced your pitching style the most?

Yovani Gallardo: Growing up, being from Texas, the pitcher I saw the most was Nolan Ryan. watching the way he approach every hitter and how aggressive he was really helped me. I like to be that way, approach every hitter aggressively.

zkirc: Would you ever want to be a pinch hitter on one of your off days? Would it affect you as a pitcher if given more opportunities to hit?

Yovani Gallardo: If it means helping the team, I am up for it. My priority is going out and pitching every five days.

jzeich: Do you have a favorite blog?

Yovani Gallardo: No, I am not really an internet guy, I spend a lot of my time at the field and with my family.

benG: Hey Yovanni, how did you decide to become a pitcher in the first place? Is that the position you always wanted to play?

Yovani Gallardo: My dad used to pitch, so just watching him play growing up, I thought it was fun and interesting. You are the guy out there in charge. So, yes, I always wanted to be a pitcher.

bacchus009: Do you drive a Lamborghini Gallardo? Because, that would be pretty cool.

Yovani Gallardo: I wish! Maybe someday if I get that opportunity because it would be cool. Right now, my Escallade gets the job done.

roy_hobbs1: QUE PASO YO! SENOR GALLARDO-with the winning -O---ffense-Nice homer the other night. What weight bat do you use, and how do you like playing in Milwaukee?

Yovani Gallardo: 31 1/2 oz. I enjoy playing in Milwaukee. Ever since the first day I came up, the fans have been great.

cptscience: How do you change your approach when you're far behind in the count?

Yovani Gallardo: It depends on the type of hitter you are facing. That is one of the things you have to be able to do is throw off spead pitches for strikes whenever that situation comes up.

pipes1225: Hi, Mr. Gallardo. I am a fifth grade teacher online with my class. We would like to know what inspired you to play baseball?

Yovani Gallardo: Hello class! Hope you are studying hard and doing your homework. I have been around baseball my entire life. My dad, my uncles, I watched them all play growing up. When I became old enough to play Little League, I knew that one of the goals, one of the dreams I had for myself was to play in the Big Leagues.

cmoore22: If you weren't such an amazing pitcher, what position would you want to play?

Yovani Gallardo: Coming up in high school, I played in the infield a little, but it wouldn't matter what position I would play as I was given the opportunity to play in the Major Leagues.

thesven55: What is your favorite moment of your career?

Yovani Gallardo: My favorite moment was my Major League debut. It is something that I am sure every player in this clubhouse will remember for the rest of their lives. It was really special.

sgtcluels: What lessons did you learn from your appearance in the NLDS?

Yovani Gallardo: The most important thing is to treat it as another game. Not many people get the opportunity to play in the postseason, but it prepared me for this year, especially after missing much of last year. It gave me confidence. It's also important that you stick to your same routine you have during the regular season.

bushsbeard: When did you first know you had a realistic shot at becoming a big leaguer someday? Also, did Corey dye his beard because he was envious of yours?

Yovani Gallardo: My last two years in high school, I did a lot of traveling to different colleges and had a lot of workouts for Major League scouts. I had people telling me that I had a good shot and that made me work even harder to my dream.

jerseybrewer: Yovani-How are you able to stay so calm in difficult innings? It seems like whenever you get a few baserunners on, you are able to make big pitches to get out of the jam. What's going through your mind in those situations?

Yovani Gallardo: As a starting pitcher, it is very important to stay focused and within yourself in those difficult situations. When you have runners on, for myself, I just try and be more aggressive and focus more on the hitter. You always know you are one pitch away from getting out of trouble.

andy73: Yo - How hard is it to keep up your consistency the longer you pitch into a game?

Yovani Gallardo: It is very tough to keep your consistency late in the game because the hitters have seen you three times and they are making adjustments. You just have to stay ahead of them and make adjustments too with every pitch.

battlekow: You were drafted the round after Mark Rogers and played your first couple years with him. Do you keep in touch?

Yovani Gallardo: Yes, I do keep in touch with Mark. Playing in the Minor Leagues with him a couple of years, he is a good friend of mine. We had a great time coming up together and I hope that one day soon he will be here in Milwaukee with me.

jzeich: I would like to know if you could have any super power what would it be?

Yovani Gallardo: Well that is a tough one. I think it would have to be the ability to fly. Or maybe see through walls? Why does it have to be one super power? I guess I would want the super power to have all super powers!! The faster than a speeding bullet, flying, invisible man who can see through walls

Yovani Gallardo: Well I have to go out and throw a bullpen session. Thanks for joining me today and continue to cheer on the Brewers! We will see you at Miller Park soon!!

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