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01/24/09 5:45 PM EST

Brewers On Deck chat transcript

Hart, Rottino and Villanueva field fans' questions

Brewers players Corey Hart, Vinny Rottino and Carlos Villanueva took part in an online chat Saturday during Brewers On Deck.

hannah_b2: Mr. Rottino do you think it`s cool to be from little ole Racine and be playing and being able to play baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Vinny: Let's get one thing straight! Racine is not little!! Absolutely! It is a dream come true playing for the Brewers. I grew up watching games at County Stadium. It has really been a dream come true.

newslink3: Vinny -- what baseball advice can you share that was helpful to you when you were a high school or college player that you use today?

Vinny: Ever since I was a little guy, as far back as I remember, this game teaches you a lot about life if you are able to work at it. Just make sure that no one can tell you that nothing is possible. If you stick with that it will get you places.

K-Man: Vinny, which position is more fun for you to play?

Vinny: I love catching. I played shortstop in college and in high school and was signed by the Brewers as a catcher. They thought I had the tools to become a catcher. Charlie Greene helped me out a bunch. I really worked hard to be a catcher, you get the most action and you have to be a leader. I really enjoy being out there.

Ttonyg30: Hi Carlos V. You were a starting pitcher & moved to the bullpen, but do you feel ready to be a starting pitcher in '09?

Carlos: My job is to be ready for wherever they want me to go. I will come ready to be a starter, a reliever or whatever they want me to be.

peanuts19: What do you guys think of our winter weather here in Milwaukee -- can you handle it?! (Vinny, you're excluded!)

Carlos: Actually, a day before I came here I was at the beach. It was 88 with a little breeze. It is a change, but I really like the city of Milwaukee, even though it is a little cold here now.

Vinny: This is a heat wave, right? I can handle it all right.

K-Man: Carlos, what's the best thing about being in the Major Leagues?

Carlos: Actually, the food! Everywhere we go, we get great spreads. I enjoy a great meal. We also get more coverage so my family and friends can follow me.

coreyhartlover: Hey Corey, what batting song do you think you'll choose this year?

Corey: It is kinda hard because I always try and find a good country song. Country isn't always the most uplifiting type of music. I will try and find something. It might take until the first day of the season, but I will find something.

newslink3: Corey -- what did it feel like to make it to the All-Star game? Were you nervous? What family members did you have there?

Corey: The All-Star Game was one of those things that you always hope is going to happen sometime during your career. To be able to be there was a dream come true. It was a special experience, my whole family was there and we had a good time.

braunygrl: Hey Guys -- I really enjoy coming to any game that I can. Do you have a favorite team you look forward to playing? Whether it's a close-town rival or former team you have played with?

Carlos: I think it is pretty obvious that we look forward to beating the Cubs. It is always fun to face them because it is always a playoff atmosphere. The White Sox games will be fun this year, too.

brewhaaas: Hey Corey, I look forward to seeing you at Spring Training this year. What is your favorite part about your time in Arizona?

Corey: For me, Spring Training is fun. The best part is seeing all the guys again. We spend a lot of time together during the season and then it is nice to catch up again. It is a family atmosphere during the season and you miss that during the offseason.

polio40: Carlos, who's the hardest batter you've had to face?

Carlos: I would have to say Ken Griffey Jr. I grew up idolizing him, I played his videogames, his cards, everything. The first time I faced him was the first time I got called up. I gave up my first hit to him. He was the most memorable.

brwrs08: Hey Corey, how was the transition from playing the infield in high school and some in Class A, to playing the corner outfield?

Corey: Going through the system it is all about making adjustments. If you want to make it to the big leagues, you have to make adjustments. Guys that have that athletic ability can make the adjustments and I was fortunate enough to have that happen to me.

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