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11/06/08 11:27 AM EST

Brian Anderson chat transcript

Play-by-play announcer talks broadcasting and the 2009 Brewers

Brian Anderson: Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today, let's get started!

sagunsky: Brian when did you know you wanted to be a Play by Play Announcer?

Brian Anderson: I was a freshman in college. I knew then that I wasn't good enough to play professional baseball. I used to call play-by-play in the dugout during our college games for fun. Everybody said I should keep doing that and try to do that for real.

earlile: Your best guess, which 5 players will comprise the starting rotation on opening day?

Brian Anderson: The roster will change a lot, but as it stands right now, Gallardo, Parra, Bush, Suppan and my wild card is Chris Capuano. Obviously, Doug Melvin will be busy this offseason trying to make sure CC Sabathia has a spot atop the rotation as well.

kudosmke: Do you think Ryan Braun should have won the Gold Glove this season?

Brian Anderson: Ryan Braun played a very conservative outfield in his first year, he played very deep. As he gets more comfortable, he won't play as deep which means you will probably see some errors. But with his athleticism, he can evolve into a Gold Glove outfielder. What is impressive about Braun is that he expects to be a gold glove outfielder.

bootown19: Brian, have you ever had in your previous announcing experience a call like you did on Ryan Braun's home run in the last game of the season?

Brian Anderson: The two signature calls of my broadcasting career was the Ryan Braun Grand Slam against Pittsburgh and his two-run homer against the Cubs on the last day of the Regular Season. I am lucky to have been a part of that moment. I have never screamed louder on the air than with those two home runs. Those will be great memories for a very long time for myself and Brewers fans.

chrismv: Why isn't JJ Hardy hyped up as much as some other guys on the team? He had the second highest B.A. on the team and is great on defense. He also hit consistently in Sept. and in the playoffs unlike others. To me he's very valuable.

Brian Anderson: If you watch Brewers tv, he is as hyped up as any player can be. He is one of the best defensive shortstops in the league, he is a great teammate and he proved to be a clutch hitter. He might be one of the best fastball hitters in baseball.

ohiocrewfn: What are the possibilities that we keep CC... and what are our likely targets if we don't get him signed? Will JJ be moved to 3B or 2B next year?

Brian Anderson: I would say it is 50/50 right now. CC would certainly have to leave a lot of money on the table, which players don't normally do, but if there is anybody who would break that trend, it would be CC Sabathia. The fact that the Brewers have even put a competitive offer together says a lot about where baseball is and where the city of Milwaukee is as a franchise.

Brian Anderson: As far as J.J., he can play anywhere. He certainly would be an outstanding third baseman, just like he is an outstanding shortstop. Second base is a little more unlikely. Those are all decisions that Ken Macha will have to make after he is done sizing up his personnel.

crew_2008: Do you spend time with Rock during the offseason?

Brian Anderson: We talk on the phone a lot. But I try to stay as far away from him as possible. They say couples start to look alike after awhile. I don't want that!!

flintdog18: Brian, as a former college baseball player/coach, I am interested in getting into professional coaching, how do I go about doing that?

Brian Anderson: I have seen that happen with a few guys over the years. It is a significant leap but, it is possible. Your best bet is to contact organizations and let them know you are interested and let them know your skills. Rookie ball is usually where that happens.

Brian Anderson: It is a short season that starts in June and you are dealing with mainly teenagers who are just beginning their professional careers. Persistence is the key and it always helps to know somebody on the baseball operations side of an organization. Don't underestimate your service coaching where you are, the game certainly needs good coaches at the amateur level.

da_pontiff: How come Schroeder and Uecker have nicknames that are ICY HOT like 'The Rock' and 'Mr. Baseball? What about Brian 'THE OWL' Anderson or 'MEGA' Brian Anderson?

Brian Anderson: That's pretty good. Most people call me "B.A." I am sure there are plenty other nicknames out there that I don't want to know about!!

jolitz: I enjoyed listening to you this season. How long do you plan on staying in Milwaukee?

Brian Anderson: As a matter of fact, I just signed a five-year extension so you are stuck with me until at least 2013. My family and I love it here in southeastern Wisconsin.

09brewers: What are your thoughts on the new Manager Macha? Can he lead us back to the playoffs in 2009?

Brian Anderson: I met Ken at his press conference last week and I like him a lot. He is a very intelligent and straightforward guy. He has done a lot of winning and I think he is going to be a great fit here in Milwaukee. It is so important for the General Manager and the Manager to have a good relationship in order for the team to be successful and that is already in place with Doug Melvin and Ken Macha.

ricker82: Speaking of calling a Ryan Braun homerun, how was it for you to have your call on the Apple 3G commercial?

Brian Anderson: I am still waiting for my iPhone! I check my mailbox everyday, maybe they don't have the right address. Here it is again...Miller Park, One Brewers Way, Milwaukee, WI, 53214

kudosmke: Any word on a new pitching coach?

Brian Anderson: Not yet, but I am here in the office today "nosing" around. Two key losses this offseason were Mike Maddux and Jack Zduriencik. But I have confidence in Doug Melvin that he will find strong replacements for both. The 2009 Draft will be a huge draft with the potential for five of the first 40 or so picks. He will be busy!

gumbul: Any word on how many games will be on T.V. next year?

Brian Anderson: We did over 150 in 2008 and we are hoping to do all of them soon. The day is coming quickly, possibly next year, where all the games will be in High Definition as well. My guess is between Brewers TV and the networks, just about every game will be televised in 2009. And don't forget the Spring Training webcasts! Rock and I will be back for those here on brewers.com.

gobrew08: Bill Schroeder can get pretty upset sometimes, has he ever physically attacked you?

Brian Anderson: No, he mostly takes it out on the Media Relations Staff. I feel for them.

dnau: What led to the decision to make Dale Sveum hitting coach? Do you see a change in approach at the plate with Sveum in the cages?

Brian Anderson: I spoke to Dale about becoming the hitting coach. He had his choice, but had a passion for hitting. He teaches hitting in the offseason and has always wanted to do that at the Major League level. He has got to be one of the hardest working coaches in the game. Good for him for choosing a role thankless job.

crew_2008: What was your most memorable moment from the 2008 season?

Brian Anderson: My most memorable moment from this season was the celebration at Miller Park on the last day of the regular season. It was a moment I will never forget and I am sure every Brewer fan will never forget. I was honored to be a part of it and I hope for many more memories in the coming years.

Brian Anderson: Thanks for joining me today! I appreciate all of the questions and we will see you on TV next on January 23, 2009 at Bob Uecker's Winter Warm Up.

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