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07/09/08 6:34 PM ET

Corey Hart chat transcript

Brewers outfielder speaks on a myriad of subjects with the fans

Corey Hart: Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today! Let's get started...

pbrme: Corey I want to hear from a players perspective, what did it feel like last night?

Corey Hart: It was a playoff like atmosphere, everyone was excited to watch CC. With the fans excited, it gets us players excited too. It was loud!

heycorey: What do you think about naming the right field bleachers "The Hartland", kind of like the "Jenkins Jungle"?

Corey Hart: That would definitely something I would like! We might have to look into that.

urfansluvu: Corey - Does it surprise you that the fans have joined together to make you an All-Star?

Corey Hart: The fans have always been great here. You look at the support Braunie got, this town is obviously excited about the team and will do anything for us. It means a lot to me and my teammates.

mitchwoulf: Who was your favorite player when you were younger?

Corey Hart: I was a Cal Ripken Jr. fan. I played Shortstop in high school and obviously he was one of the best shortstops in the game.

ceader: Hi Mr. Hart, What is your favorite ballpark to play in?

Corey Hart: PNC Park in Pittsburgh. It is where I made my debut so I have always been partial to it. But Miller Park is the best because it is home.

shacrew4: Corey why did you change your song?

Corey Hart: The Kid Rock song was one of those songs that I listened to a lot and I just wanted to change it up a bit. I love Country, but Southern Rock is always good too.

bbbbrewers: Hey Corey. If you were to run the sausage race as the Chorizo and Braun were to run it as the hot dog, who would win?

Corey Hart: Let's be honest, Braunie would have no chance, the Chorizo all the way!!

emilymay: Why do you wear number 1?

Corey Hart: No reason. They gave it to me in Spring one of my first years with the team and my kids began to know me as "#1" so I stuck with it.

lefti: Corey, since being swept by the Red Sox back in May, the Brewers have been red hot. What do you think is the difference, if anything, between the performance after that series and before it?

Corey Hart: I just think leaving Boston, we didn't play very well, but we still had a chance to win each of those games. Knowing that, it gave us confidence to know that we could play at a higher level. We have more confidence and it is evident by the way we are playing.

da_pontiff: What's up Corey? Your new ink (on your forearm) looks nice...real nice. Does it have any special meaning or significance or did you get it because it just looks so icy hot?

Corey Hart: No meaning, I like tattoos and sometimes the guys get together and we get tattoos. It does look icy hot, doesn't it?

crakjak: With your height why did you choose baseball as your primary sport?

Corey Hart: I always excelled in baseball. I was good at basketball, but I always knew baseball was right for me. Maybe I will try out for the Bucks someday.

kraftman: Corey, I have been spreading the word about voting for you to be a member of the NL All Star team. I have sent emails and phone calls to all my contacts here in Bowling Green. Hopefully, you make it with all the votes. You deserve it.

Corey Hart: I heard there is a little campaign back home. Thanks for supporting me in Bowling Green! It will always be home!

kmtswift: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Corey Hart: To continue to be consistent at the plate and help my team get to the postseason.

packer720: Who do you think is the dirtiest player in the major leagues?

Corey Hart: Well I think it is a league rule that you have to shower after games so we are all pretty clean.

tabberleigh: Rumor has it that your sister might be a better athlete than you. Any truth to that. We are proud of you good luck today & tomorrow.

Corey Hart: Let's be honest, there is no truth in the rumor that anyone in my family is a better athlete than me! Maybe my sister is a little faster, but I am still a better athlete! She might be a better nurse than me! Thanks for your support.

jordan: Corey: Take your pick: Simpsons, Family Guy, or South Park?

Corey Hart: Family Guy all the way.

katiemcg: Besides the fans, what's your favorite thing about Wisconsin?

Corey Hart: I enjoy visiting the Wisconsin Dells with my family when I have a break. The lakefront is nice too. My kids enjoy it.

Tyrunner: Some fans already compare you to Yount. How does it feel to be compared to a player who has been the face of the Brewers for so many years?

Corey Hart: Anytime you are compared to a guy that was as good as Robin, it is flattering. It is tough to matchup with a Hall of Famer. I just try and play my own game and help my team win!

fcmilw: Hi Corey, What would be the best part about being an all-star?

Corey Hart: To be a part of any All-Star game would be special but to be a part of the final game at Yankee Stadium would be very special.

braun300: I've been voting for you all day!

Corey Hart: Thanks for all the support and votes for the All-Star game. I really appreciate everything, keep the votes coming! See you at Miller Park soon, go Brewers!!

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