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06/24/08 8:48 PM ET

Braun answers fans' questions

Brewers outfielder discusses defense, music and inspiration

First of all, I would like to extend my apologies to everyone for putting off the chat for a couple of days. I appreciate your understanding and patience and I am excited about all the questions you posted. I am looking forward to getting through as many as I can before I have to get ready for Tuesday's game against the Braves, so let's go!

kkopf: Congratulations on your success so far this season. You make the games really fun to watch. Are there other sports you enjoy playing or watching?

Ryan Braun: Oh yeah, I am a big sports fan in general. I am a big basketball and football fan and enjoy watching both. The Lakers are my favorite team.

brewwefan_2: Do you feel pressure to keep up with or exceed on how you did last year, since you won the National League Rookie of the Year in 2007?

Braun: I have always had high expectations for myself and that accomplishment doesn't really change anything. I still have high expectations for myself.

girlshunt2: What type of music to you like to listen to?

Braun: I am a hip-hop, rap and R&B guy, but I can really listen to anything.

michaelmke: Has your swing changed much since college?

Braun: Not much really, but I am constantly making minor adjustments. For the most part I have had the same swing for as long as I can remember.

crew_d: What kind of training do you do during the season and offseason to stay in shape? If you lift weights, do you go light or heavy?

Braun: During the offseason it is a combination of lifting, running and doing baseball activities.

jthompso: What has this Brewers team learned about itself at this point in the season? What needs to improve to rundown the Cubs?

Braun: I think we have learned that we are a great team. We know what we can do and we just need to come out and expect to win every day. We need to stay consistent. We have had great pitching from both our starters and the bullpen. Offensively, everyone has been contributing. We don't need to change much; we just need to continue to play hard.

Tallguy: How does it feel to potentially be going to the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium?

Braun: I am extremely excited about potentially having that opportunity to play in the All-Star Game, especially with it being the last game at a historical stadium like Yankee Stadium. It would be a huge honor; I really hope I get that opportunity. The support through all of your voting has been tremendous this year, I really appreciate it.

brewerfan21: What is a typical day like when you have a night game? Do you sleep all morning then go to the ballpark?

Braun: I normally wake up around 9 or 9:30 a.m. CT, have breakfast and then I am at the field by 2 p.m. For a 7 p.m. game, I have lunch at the park, watch video, workout and get ready for batting practice. Right before batting practice, I stretch. I eat a light snack before the game and then go play. I am a routine guy, it makes me more comfortable.

daffythed: I am a huge Brewers fan and I was wondering are there any superstitions that you have about baseball?

Braun: Not really. I don't really have any superstitions.

33triples: Mr. Braun, your hard work and great attitude is much appreciated! Anything in particular that you love about Milwaukee?

Braun: The fans have been extremely supportive of my teammates and I, which makes it great to come to Miller Park every day. That is my favorite part about being here.

Tallguy: How hard has it been to adjust from the infield to the outfield?

Braun: I think it has gone really well, I am comfortable out there. I am having fun and still trying to learn and continue to get better every game. I learn everyday.

bonbon08: Ryan, have you always worn No. 8 on your jerseys? If so, is that a special number for you?

Braun: Growing up I was always No. 7. I wore it in high school and when I got to Miami, it was taken. So, No. 8 was available, and it was close to No. 7. I have stuck with that since.

retrosnow: Ryan, did you get a chance to see Paul Molitor play? You remind me of him with that hustle, but you hit the ball with incredible power! I am very happy you are a Brewer for many years to come!

Braun: I really appreciate that compliment, he is a tremendous player and it is great to be compared to a Hall of Famer. I saw him play a few times, but not too many. We didn't get too many Brewers games on TV growing up in California.

retrosnow: Who is the toughest pitcher to face and why?

Braun: John Smoltz and Jake Peavey are probably the toughest pitchers I have faced. They are both great competitors and have great stuff day in and day out.

braunfan08: What do you like about Miller Park?

Braun: Like I said earlier, I like the fans, they are loud and always into the game. We are extremely comfortable there. It really gives us an advantage knowing that there will always be a good crowd of Brewers fans on our side every night at Miller Park.

pnkcabaret: Who was the biggest influence on your baseball career?

Braun: My dad. Both my parents were extremely supportive of me growing up. They spent a lot of time with me throwing extra batting practices, coaching, coming to games and just supporting me.

belevncrew: Hi Ryan. In high school what was your work ethic like? Were you dedicated to just baseball or did you play other sports?

Braun: I played soccer my freshman year and after that I just focused on baseball.

sfbrew: Hey, Ryan, as a Wisconsite now in California, I have to ask you: what do you miss more in Milwaukee: In-n-Out or fish tacos?

Braun: Definitely In-N-Out burger, and the weather!

drezdn: Do you prefer ash or maple bats, and why?

Braun: Maple most of the time, that is just what I am most comfortable with.

braunfan08: Would you rather rob a home run or hit a home run?

Braun: Wow, that is a tough one. I would say rob a home run. I have hit many home runs in my career, but have never had the opportunity to rob one.

Mksnycbrewers: Ryan, your Affliction shirts are pretty cool. Do you have an interest in fashion?

Braun: Thanks. I think fashion is something that is interesting. I have always been fashion conscious and it peaks my interest. It is something I would like to get more and more involved with.

ewizabeff: Hi, Ryan. Is it safe to assume you're not a morning person? You seem to just barely wake up in time to call WKTI on Thursday mornings.

Braun: I do that interview every Thursday morning at 7:45 and set my alarm for 7:44! Rarely am I up that early unless I have to be!

Thanks everyone. Sorry I couldn't get to all of them, but I have to get ready to play against the Braves. Also, thank your for your tremendous support in the All-Star balloting. Keep the votes coming in for the Brewers! See you at Miller Park.


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