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06/03/08 4:26 PM ET

Transcript of Web chat with Suppan

Right-handed pitcher fields questions from Brewers fans

Jeff Suppan: Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today, lets get started...

themrcole: What are some of your Pre-game rituals?

Jeff Suppan: Baseball is a game that is played everyday and there are lot of things that a player can do to help in performance. One of my routines is going over previous starts where I had success and visualizing what I did and how I felt in those games usually right before I go to the ballpark.

Emma_Lynn: Hi Mr. Suppan!! Thanks so much for taking some time out of your day to chat with us fans!! My question is: What has been your favorite thing about pitching in milwaukee so far??

Jeff Suppan: One of my favorite things about playing here is the actual ballpark. I think it is one of the best ballparks in the league and it is a great thing coming to the ballpark and knowing you are going to play a game regardless of weather.

Jeff Suppan: Another favorite is showing up to the field and seeing people tailgating in the parking lots and knowing that the fans are ready to cheer us on.

Ttonyg30: What one retired played would you most like to strike with 3 pitches? Why? someone you have not face before!!

Jeff Suppan: I would say Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Stan Musial are some guys I would like to face. But I would also like to stand in the batters box with Bob Gibson pitching to see he throws.

sagunsky: how did you know and what age did you know you wanted to be a pitcher

Jeff Suppan: I started pitching at eight years old and at ten I really felt like this was something I wanted to do. Obviously there was some ups and downs with other positions, but when I took the mound, I always felt that is where I wanted to be.

thebase: How many pitches do you typically throw in a game? Does it matter if you use certain types of pitches?

Jeff Suppan: Usually it is around 100 pitches, on average. It actually doesn't matter what kind of pitches I am throwing, but it does matter if you are throwing out of the stretch a lot. That means that you have a lot of runners on and a lot of intense pitches that adds to the wear and tear of your arm for that game.

SNCgrad: First of all, I just want to thank you and your family for being so involved in the Milwaukee community. Did you always have a passion for helping people?

Jeff Suppan: I think it started at a young age and it is just a simple idea of helping others. As I got older, it became the idea of helping those in need whether it was mental, physical or spiritual. Giving back to the community is something that I learned in my lifelong education.

MP17: How do the pitchers and position players get along? Are there hard feelings when errors are putting pitchers in tight spots lately?

Jeff Suppan: Errors are a part of the game, just like hits are. Everyone is trying to do their job and there are no hard feelings when somebody makes an error. It is the job as the pitcher to pick them up just like they pick us up with a great play. We are all in it together.

MP17: Why don't NL pitchers work on hitting more?

Jeff Suppan: We all work on hitting everyday. It is not as easy as it looks!

AllTheWay: How have you liked your first couple of years in milwaukee?

Jeff Suppan: Milwaukee has been great. The guys are great, especially number seven....he it sitting next to me right now.

cambot1980: Do you have any pets?

Jeff Suppan: We have two beagles. Jack and Louie. We call them "The Beagle Brigade." We were very excited when the beagle won "Best in Show," it was like winning a championship for all beagle owners out there.

jahnks: Any significance behind #37?

Jeff Suppan: Yes there is. My parents were both born in 1937, they were 37 years old when they had me, in 1998, Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris' 37 year old home run record, they also gave me 37 in 1998 in Kansas City. When Roger Maris played for the Kansas City A's, he wore number 37...3 is the Trinity and 7 is God's favorite number. I guess those are just a few of the reasons why I wear 37.

AllTheWay: What type of things do you look at the day before you pitch vs. a team because i always see you with a pad and pen in your hand. What are you writing down?

Jeff Suppan: Thank you for watching me write things down. It is actually called "the chart," and every starting pitcher does it before they pitch. I prefer to do it on the bench, some do it in the clubhouse.

captainbok: What do you like the most about milwaukee

Jeff Suppan: Captain Bok, that is a great question. Does "Bok" mean Book of Knowledge? My favorite thing about Milwaukee are the Brewers.

Estebanzo: How's Soup's Grill going? Can we expect to see one locally any time soon?

Jeff Suppan: Thank you for asking! Soup's Grill is doing well. We would like to eventually open one here in Milwaukee. Check us out at www.soupsgrill.com and see some exciting new improvements to our site. We always love when Brewers fans stop by to say hello!

Jeff Suppan: Thanks for joining me today everyone! We all appreciate your support of the Brewers, see you at Miller Park!

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