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04/09/08 5:00 PM ET

Hart answers fans' questions

Outfielder takes time before Wednesday's game to chat

Corey Hart participated in an online chat with Brewers fans on Wednesday before the Brewers' game against the Reds. The outfielder answered many Brewers fans' questions, including what pitchers prove the most challenging for him to face, what teammates he considers his closest friends and what he does to prepare for a game.

Corey Hart: Hello everyone, let's get started ...

leffel: What is the difference in your approach hitting sixth as opposed to first? Do you like to take as many pitches in that spot compared to leadoff?

Hart: Leading off, you have to see a lot more pitches because part of that spot is to make sure the rest of the guys have a chance to see what the pitcher has.

Thanatos: How do you look to improve personally over last season, when you did so well?

Hart: I am trying to stay more consistent throughout the entire year.

sfbrew: It looked like you had a tough go of it with the Reds' Johnny Cueto last night. Who are some other pitchers you hate to face?

Hart: Cueto was tough, guys you see for the first time can be tough on you. Carlos Marmol and Juan Cruz are also tough pitchers to face.

sfbrew: As fans, we like the idea of the players hanging out together. Are there any fellow Brewers you bro-down with? Ever borrow Chris Capuano's Segway?

Hart: I hang out with Ryan Braun and J.J. Hardy a lot. I try to stay away from the Segways!

smiley105405: What is your opinion of the Mercedes-Benz Field Haus? Do you think it interferes with your ability to make plays?

Hart: It is just an interesting thing to add to the ballpark. Anytime you add a fan-friendly area close to the field, it is something you have to play around. I kind of like it, actually.

kuhlebohn: Do you prefer night games or day games?

Hart: I like night games. It is easier to stay in your routine.

ejames172: What is your usual routine before a game?

Hart: Speaking of routines, for a night game, I try to get to the park by 2 p.m. CT. I eat lunch and then hit in the cage for a little bit, and then look at film of that night's starter. Then, I go on to regular batting practice and on to the game.

SNCgrad: How do you spend the offseason? What kind of hobbies to you have?

Hart: I play house-dad in the offseason. I do a lot of yard work and I like to do stuff with my kids.

awesomo12: Do you feel a difference between last years fast start and this one?

Hart: Overall, the team has matured since last year. We are aware of what team we have and how long the season is. We try not to look too much into one week, but will continue to work hard knowing how close we were last year.

damats: Does manager Ned Yost ever say much to the players -- in a motivational sense -- before games, or is he fairly quiet?

Hart: Yost is a relaxed coach. He makes sure we are prepared to go out every day. If he feels that we need a motivator, he is definitely there.

polidor4eva: Why "Corey" and not "Jon?"

Hart: My parents call me Corey and that always stuck.

7656h: Who was your favorite baseball player and team growing up?

Hart: Cal Ripken or Dale Murphy.

jzaleski: What extra challenges do you have when playing center field as opposed to right field?

Hart: Center field is a lot easier because you don't have to deal with the walls on the side down the foul line. You are the captain of the outfield in center, so you make a lot of the calls.

7656h: Are you related to the other Corey Hart?

Hart: No.

mschuh03: Do the guys on the team give each other a hard time about the up-to-bat songs they choose? If you had to pick one for Yost, what would it be?

Hart: If a guy has a bad song, he will definitely get picked on. For Yost, maybe the Andy Griffith theme song.

polidor4eva: Where was your favorite place to play in the Minor Leagues?

Hart: My favorite place was probably Oklahoma City. I played there in 2005 and '06. It was a real nice park, right downtown.

cruzski: Why did you grow a beard?

Hart: Because I am half mountain man.

SNCgrad: What is your favorite postgame meal?

Hart: Steak.

m__j: How would you characterize Jason Kendall's influence on this team?

Hart: Kendall has a leader mentality. He is kind of like Craig Counsell in that he has a lot of knowledge about the game. If Kendall talks, you should listen.

jbohn9: Other than Miller Park, what is your favorite stadium to play in?

Hart: Pittsburgh's PNC Park. The backdrop with the skyline makes it a really neat place to play.

slamjola: What is it like working with new bench coach Ted Simmons?

Hart: It is fun. Simmons is a fun guy and really enthusiastic. He is just a positive guy who knows a lot about baseball.

sweetpea70: We wanted to thank you for staying so long to sign autographs at the On Deck Promotion. We were toward the end of your line and it was worth the long wait to get your autograph.

Hart: No problem! Thanks for coming out!

ktluvsmb: What is your favorite kind of music and who is your favorite singer/band?

Hart: My favorite music is probably pop music. Rascal Flatts is my favorite band.

bbalstar17: What is the energy on the bench during the game and in the clubhouse after a win like?

Hart: During the game, everybody tries to be upbeat and stay involved in the game. Wins are always nice, everyone can go home happy.

BoomBoom: Last year, between innings, my buddy swears he saw you on your cell phone in the outfield. Is that true?

Hart: That was probably me pulling out my "cheat sheet" that helps us with hitters.

jaysensay: What type of car do you drive?

Hart: I drive a Honda Odyssey.

pwdeblues: Is Braun the cockiest man alive or just the funniest?

Hart: Braun's cockiness is funny, so yes on both questions.

bernardini: Could you imagine working a 9-5 job?

Hart: Not so much, but I do have to go to work now to prepare for the Reds. Thanks for joining me today and we'll see you at Miller Park! Go Brewers!

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