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08/17/07 4:45 PM ET

Hart comfortable playing outfield

Right fielder made switch after playing third base in Minors

Brewers outfielder Corey Hart is very comfortable in the field after making the switch from playing third base. Hart answered a variety of questions from fans, ranging from the Brewers' mood in the clubhouse to the music being played during his at-bats, while participating in an online chat on Aug. 17.

Corey Hart: Hello everyone, let's get started.

Kenginator: What's on your iPod?

Hart: I have a mix of everything; Rascal Flatts and Rodney Adkins are two of my favorites.

K-Man: When your contract is up, will you stay with the Brewers?

Hart: Hopefully, I am given the opportunity to stay here as long as they want me here. I enjoy Milwaukee and the team.

brwers24: Is this slump the Brewers are in ever going to end?

Hart: Yes, hopefully tonight and throughout the weekend ...

fielderfan: What has been the best moment of your career so far?

Hart: Probably robbing So Taguchi of the home run at Miller Park a few weeks ago, just because it was such a game-changing play for the team.

crewzer: Where is you favorite place to hit in the lineup?

Hart: My favorite place is probably leadoff. I like to get the team off to a good start. I will play wherever Ned Yost wants to put me, and as long as I am in the lineup, I am happy.

crazyforcappy: First off, I want to tell you that I am looking forward to seeing you guys play here in Arizona next week when you guys play the D-backs. My question is, who was your favorite player growing up?

Hart: Cal Ripken Jr., because I played shortstop in high school and he was the best.

K-Man: Corey, what was your favorite team growing up?

Hart: The Atlanta Braves.

KJBaseball: Corey, I am a Cubs fan but I like Miller Park better than Wrigley. What is it like to play in Miller Park? Is it harder with the roof on or off?

Hart: I like it closed. It is kind of hard to see sometimes because the shadows can make things difficult. When the roof is closed, you can judge the ball a little better on defense.

AmySue: Did you shave your head like the rest of the guys? Whose idea was that?

Hart: I shaved my head before Thursday's game and I am still upset about it. I didn't cut anything off the top since December until Thursday.

lilmissjj2: Is there a special meaning behind your current at-bat music?

Hart: Not really, I just like the song. It is a Rodney Adkins song.

joyride10: Do the players usually room with someone on the road trips? If yes, who is usually your roommate? Who would you consider your best friend on the team? Good luck tonight.

Hart: No, we get our own rooms on the road, so no roommates. We had roommates in the Minor Leagues. J.J. Hardy is probably my best friend on the team; we came up through the Brewers system together.

1brewcrew: Corey, what is your favorite pregame meal?

Hart: Cucumbers and ranch dressing. I eat that before every game.

1brewcrew: Corey, thanks for being so considerate at Spring Training in Arizona ... players like you bring in more fans. Do you have autographs or memorabilia of your favorite players?

Hart: I do. I have a Tony Gwynn autographed jersey and a Craig Biggio autographed bat. Both are personalized to me and both are neat to have in my house.

hArDy7: Hey, Corey. What's your favorite thing about being a professional baseball player?

Hart: I enjoy being able to play a game for a living. Being around a bunch of your friends and doing what you love is a lot of fun.

sjcutiepie: Hey, Corey. What's it feel like to play in Miller Park having everybody screaming and cheering for you? Did you ever think you'd be where you are now?

Hart: It is nice to be at Miller Park, especially when we are winning, because the fans are great. I don't know if I ever thought I would be here, but I have always hoped to be where I am now.

crewzer: At what age did baseball look like the sport for you?

Hart: Probably my sophomore year in high school. That is when I started to excel. I also played basketball in high school.

Retro84KT: Corey, on your off-days what do you enjoy doing most?

Hart: I like to hang out with my family. We always find something to do with the kids.

padfoot30: Hi, Corey. Is there any significance to you wearing No. 1?

Hart: Not really, they just gave it to me and I stayed with it.

jumpey: Is Prince Fielder going to play tonight?

Hart: Prince is in the lineup, batting third; I am in center, hitting seventh.

fielder4ever: Hey, Corey. I've been very impressed with your bat, but your defense has been just as impressive this year. How difficult was it to make the adjustment from moving from third base to the outfield?

Hart: The more you are out there, the more you get comfortable with the position. I feel very comfortable out there now.

chrisRFU: Where do you party when in Milwaukee?

Hart: I party at my house. My kids can get pretty crazy sometimes.

gator03: What has been your favorite ballpark to play in?

Hart: I like PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

sjcutiepie: I'm sure girls everywhere want to know, so I'll ask. Is there someone special in your life?

Hart: Yes, my wife.

Phisch: Corey, what's the mood in the clubhouse? Never say die ... Never surrender ... It ain't over 'til it's over?

Hart: That is pretty much it. We still know we can win this division.

dmarie08: What time do you usually have to be at the field before the game?

Hart: Right around now. I have to go get ready for the game. Thanks for chatting and see you at Miller Park.

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