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06/25/07 4:44 PM ET

Family motivates infielder Weeks

Brewers second baseman says family has stuck by him

Rickie Weeks' family has been with him through the ups and downs. The Brewers second baseman shared his thoughts on his family, his teammates and much more while participating in an online chat Monday afternoon prior to the Brewers-Astros game.

Rickie Weeks: Hello, everyone. Thanks for joining me today, let's get started.

youforgotaboutdre: What music do you like?

Weeks: I like anything from R&B, rap and gospel. Right now I have Lil Wayne in my CD player.

Twinsfan07: Who's your favorite player of all time?

Weeks: My favorite player of all time would have to be Willie Mays, just because of all the things he brought to the table. Growing up, I liked Rickey Henderson.

ALex: Who has been your motivation throughout your career?

Weeks: My family has been my motivation throughout my career. They have always been there for me, through the ups and downs.

oiwejf: What's your favorite sport other than baseball?

Weeks: I like to play and watch football.

cjbrewer: I am in a 14-and-under team, what is the most valuable hitting tip?

Weeks: It is important to stay focused on keeping your head still and keeping your eye on the ball.

DABREWCREW: Hey, Rickie, Big Brewers fan here and I just wanted to say it's great watching you play the game. How do you like playing and what is it like playing for a team that is contending for a division crown?

Weeks: Thanks for your support. It feels good considering the past years we really haven't contended. We just have to keep up what we have been doing and keep winning games.

mulloy34: How did you feel when you got called up from the Minor Leagues?

Weeks: I was kind of shocked, I thought I was going to stay down in the Minors for the rest of the year. I was really excited to move up when the Brewers made that trade.

cjbrewer: Who is your best friend on the team?

Weeks: I really don't have one best friend; everyone gets along really well on the team. We spend a lot of time together and see everybody every day. We are all very close on this team, so there is not just one best friend.

Thanatos: What statistical category is most important for you to do well in?

Weeks: I would have to say wins, of course. If your team wins games, your team gets to the third "half" of the season -- the playoffs. Individually, on-base percentage is important to me.

Weeksfan08: What high school did you attend?

Weeks: Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, Fla. It's just outside of Orlando.

Weeksfan08: Can you tell Ned Yost that he's doing a great job, from Joe?

Weeks: Yes, I will pass it along.

Thanatos: What ballpark do you most enjoy playing in?

Weeks: Besides Miller Park, I would have to say Dolphin Stadium in Miami because I get to see my family and friends.

brett099: What do you like to do in the clubhouse during rain delays or before the game?

Weeks: I like to eat, play cards, sit around with the guys and joke around with the guys.

cjbrewer: What did you say to Prince Fielder when he hit the inside-the-park home run?

Weeks: I said, "Man, you need to slow down!"

AllTheWay: How does it feel to play with Fielder, Ryan Braun and J.J. Hardy, all very young players. Do you learn together?

Weeks: It feels good, they are all great players and we are all fairly young. We have spent a lot of time together in the Minors and it is great to be here and learn together in Milwaukee.

r_braun8: What would you say contributes the most to the Brewers recent hot streak?

Weeks: I would say we are just going out there, playing the game and having fun.

r_braun8: Who is a better athlete in all sports, you or your brother?

Weeks: We are both equal. He will be a great player someday.

dectrees: Who is the toughest pitcher you have faced in the past week?

Weeks: Zack Grienke from the Royals. He is going to be an All-Star one day, I guarantee it.

stEdfuNk: CD Player? You don't have an MP3 player?

Weeks: I have an iPod, I was talking about the CD player in my car.

tcl8rk: Afternoon, Rickie. With this season off to a stellar start, we true Crew fans want to thank all you guys for bringing back the winning feeling to Milwaukee.

Weeks: Thanks for the support, you fans have been great all year. Keep up the cheering and we will keep up the winning! I have to get ready for the Astros. Thanks and we will see you at Miller Park.

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