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06/01/07 4:26 PM ET

Pitching not in shortstop Hardy's future

Former pitcher doubts he'll get game experience

In response to a fan's inquiry, Brewers shortstop J.J. Hardy doesn't think manager Ned Yost will allow him to try and pitch. The former high school pitcher participated in an online chat Friday and fielded fans' questions prior to the Marlins game.

J.J. Hardy: Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today, lets get started.

icarusKiD: With the infield being young drafted guys, do you feel you have a sense of 'connection' with them that might give you guys an edge?

Hardy: It is nice that we are all kind of going through this together. We know we all have to work hard to get where we want to be. Between Spring Training and the Minor Leagues, we kind of have an idea of what one another is going to be doing out there.

hardysgirl07: Hey, J.J. So do you think Ned Yost would let you pitch a couple innings this season, maybe if we're losing a game where we have no hope of coming back? I'm curious to see Ben Sheets hit against you. Ha.

Hardy: I don't think it will ever happen, but I am curious to see how it would go if I would pitch again. Maybe sometime I would have a chance to pitch against Ben in practice, I am pretty sure I could strike him out.

bstrando21: A couple of guys you may always be linked with are guys like Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks. Are you guys comfortable with that, or would you like your single stats to stand on their own?

Hardy: It is a team game and it is nice to have guys by your side who you are comfortable with. It is nice to root for one another. We kind of have a friendly competition together to push us to get better.

Dan_K: Hey, J.J., congratulations on your tremendous start. My question is what was your favorite part of your Hollywood experience last week? Good luck the rest of the season.

Hardy: It was a lot of fun and a great experience. We will see how it turns out on June 20. Seeing all of the different sets was really interesting, it is a lot different that it looks on TV.

Manda607: Did you think going into this season that the Brewers would be as successful as they have been?

Hardy: We all knew we had a talented team, it was just a matter of putting it together and having confidence in one another. Hopefully, we can keep it up.

bstrando21: What's playing on your iPod?

Hardy: I have whatever Chris Capuano puts on my iPod!

BrewerBabe: Hi, J.J. Let me just say congratulations on the awesome start to the season, I am a huge fan. I know that you are a pretty modest guy, so how are you dealing with all of the publicity and hype surrounding you and the Brewers?

Hardy: Everything has all happened so fast for me, it has taken a little while to get used to it all. It is really not all that bad, as long as it is good publicity. It could be worse, I guess. Its good to get the Brewers name out there too.

andyabro: What is the make and model of the bat you use?

Hardy: I use a 34-inch 32-ounce C271 cupped maple bat. It is made by Louisville Slugger.

FlippinXI: What is your favorite sport to watch?

Hardy: It is probably tennis because my dad, Mark, was a professional tennis player and tennis was always on TV.

BrewerBabe: I know that a lot of girls, like myself, are thinking it so I will ask it -- is there a girlfriend in the picture right now?

Hardy: Nope! I'm single.

JDK906: Hi, J.J.! What's been the most exciting part of the season for you, so far?

Hardy: It is neat to be going into the third month of the season and still see Milwaukee in first place.

BostonBoy: Hey dude, are you for real or should I start shopping you in fantasy?

Hardy: Well, I have myself in my own fantasy team and I am not planning on trading me, so I would stick with me.

BamBam9: What do the two Js in J.J. stand for?

Hardy: James Jerry. My parents wanted me to be J.J. from day one. James is from the Bible and Jerry is my grandfather and an uncle.

MackoyZito: Hi, J.J., my name is Miguel (sorry for my poor English). I'm from Mexico and I want to know if you can give me some hitting tips.

Hardy: It is important to stay relaxed and really try to see the ball.

turbanfluc: Hi, J.J., who is your favorite shortstop in the game right now?

Hardy: Jose Reyes.

HARDY1: How did you pick No. 7 to wear?

Hardy: I didn't pick it, it was given to me, but I like it.

ourturn07: Cubs are losing 2-1.

Hardy: Thanks for the update, hopefully we can beat them next week.

Kasekopf: What is the atmosphere in the clubhouse lately as far as the recent road trip performance? We fans are really wishing you the best.

Hardy: Everyone is keeping their head up and staying positive. We are still in first place and know we are a good team.

Bango: J.J., what the heck are you doing chatting with us? It's nice of you to do, but you have a game to play tonight, so go take a nap and get refreshed for tonight. Go Brewers!

Hardy: Hey, you are right! I am going to get ready for the game tonight. Thanks for joining me today and I look forward to seeing you at Miller Park! Go Brewers.

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