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05/08/07 4:50 PM ET

Turnbow answers fans questions

Pitcher takes time before Tuesday's game to chat

Derrick Turnbow participated in an online chat with Brewers fans on May 8 before the Nationals game. The 2006 All-Star answered many Brewers' fans questions, including the attitude in the clubhouse, his mindset in pitching the eighth or ninth inning and even retro jerseys.

Derrick Turnbow: Hello everyone, sorry for the delay, let's get started.

jenksws05: Derrick, White Sox fan here, but I have been living with a Brewers fan for the past four months. What is different about this year's team from last year? Nick from Chicago (currently studying in Madrid).

Turnbow: I would say that we have more depth at all the positions. We have guys that are more experienced now and the overall talent of the team is a lot better.

Crewerman: What's the attitude like in the clubhouse and how does the team plan on building off their strong start?

Turnbow: The attitude is very good. We are very easy going and relaxed right now. We just plan on taking it one game at a time and continue to do what we have been doing -- nothing less and nothing more.

Mandy: Do you have a close friend on the team? If so, who?

Turnbow: Matt Wise is probably my closest friend on the team. We have known each other since playing with the Angels and probably have the most history together. Being in the bullpen together helps, too.

Crewer07: What changes did you make after the second half of last season?

Turnbow: I made some mechanical changes and just took the lessons that I learned from my struggles last year and applied them to this season -- and I've tried to stay consistent.

buckethead51: Why do you put the first two fingers of your pitching hand in your mouth before every pitch?

Turnbow: The balls are usually a little drier and more slippery at the end of games, so I put my fingers in my mouth to get a little better grip on the ball.

Trainzilla: Do you really take power naps in the bullpen?

Turnbow: Sometimes, not all the time, but there will be some power naps on day games. It is part of my routine and keeps me focused.

Trainzilla: Do you ever think you would like to be a starter in this league?

Turnbow: I was never really sure. I started out being a starter, so I thought if I did make it to the big leagues, it would be as a starter. After my surgery, I was put in the bullpen and I have been there ever since.

TrucknCrew: Personally, I love the pinstripe retro jerseys, and it seems like 80% of the fans are wearing retro gear too. I was wondering how popular the pinstripe retro jersey is with the players.

Turnbow: The pinstripe jerseys are really popular with the players and we enjoy wearing them. They are pretty comfortable and we all enjoy wearing them.

wbd015: Derrick, have you ever considered a full beard to add to your menacing look?

Turnbow: No, I can't grow a full beard, it would take too long.

Dustin: When was the last time you had an at-bat? Do you even practice anymore?

Turnbow: Last year against the Marlins, I faced Dontrelle Willis. I struck out. Relievers don't get to practice hitting much during the season.

brew07: Derrick, where do you think you'll be next year? I hope that you'll stay with the Brewers because you are a great closer even though you had a tough time at the end of the season last year.

Turnbow: Well, I will still be here because I have one more year left on my contract.

fonzydq: Derrick, do you have any superstitions?

Turnbow: I always have to shower before the game, it started back in 2003 when I was with the Angels. That is really about it.

rinbaby: Derrick, what were you thinking when you were called up to the big leagues?

Turnbow: I was selected in the Major League Rule 5 Draft by the Angels in 2000 and I made the team -- and couldn't believe it. Opening Day was a dream come true, it was really exciting.

Dustin: Do you lift a lot of weights? Seems like you have bulked up for this season.

Turnbow: Yes, I do lift a lot of weights. It is just important to stay strong all year because it is a long season.

jen_giese: How are you guys handling the hype going on about being the best team in baseball right now? What makes this season so different from the others?

Turnbow: We are handling it like "business as usual." We don't try to get caught up in all of it and trying to stay level.

jjistheman: Hey, Derrick -- first of all great start -- love watching you guys out there having fun. My question is does skipper Ned Yost have a lineup that he would go to if he absolutely had to get a win, being that he has changed the lineup at least 15 times in 32 games?

Turnbow: I think Ned puts a lineup in every single day for every game that he feels is best suited for our opponent.

xjspanx: What is the atmosphere in the bullpen like this year compared to last year now that the team is winning more ball games?

Turnbow: It is the same as it has been in the past. We don't get too serious out there and try to stay loose. Everyone gets along really well.

xjspanx: Do you feel less pressure in the eighth-inning role knowing that Cordero is there to back you up?

Turnbow: I feel the same pressure in the eighth inning as I do in the ninth inning. You never want to rely on someone else to get the job done for you, so for me the pressure is the same.

lkelucious: What is your favorite moment inside the Brewers' clubhouse?

Turnbow: After a win. The music is playing, everyone is high-fiving each other and enjoying the win.

jen_giese: Who is your favorite team to play against?

Turnbow: The Cubs. They are our biggest rival being so close and being in our division. My favorite road city is Los Angeles.

xjspanx: Any thoughts about making the All-Star team again this season?

Turnbow: I haven't really thought about it. I am just trying to pitch well and win games. If it happens, it will be great and if I don't make it, hopefully I am still pitching well and we are winning games.

fonzydq: Have you ever thought about getting a mohawk?

Turnbow: No.

xjspanx: How would you rate the fans of Milwaukee?

Turnbow: They are great. They have been really supportive not only of me, but of the entire team.

coachbrad: There is a rumor out there that you hit the Pepsi sign on the scoreboard during batting practice -- is this true, or an urban legend? If it is true, do you ever lobby Yost to pinch-hit?

Turnbow: Yes, I was taking batting practice in 2005 during the Brewers On-Deck event before Opening Day and I hit the middle of the Pepsi sign on the scoreboard. I don't really lobby Ned to pinch-hit.

fonzydq: Are the Brewers going to sweep the Nationals?

Turnbow: We hope so, that is our goal -- to win every game.

Turnbow: I have time for a few more questions before I have to get ready for the game.

rinbaby: When was the last time you got a haircut?

Turnbow: Spring Training was the last time, and I am due for another one real soon.

TrucknCrew: One of the things I've noticed about your pitching this year is that you seem to have a strong mental game. You seem to bounce back from a bad pitch almost immediately. Did any of the coaches help to instill this confidence in you?

Turnbow: No, it is something that I worked on this offseason, improving my mental part of the game.

Wumba: Are you ever going to chop that mop? Adam in Tampa, Fla.

Turnbow: No, not going to chop it, maybe just a trim here or there.

coachbrad: Being a former closer, do you use the same "closer mentality" pitching in the eighth instead of the ninth, or does your mindset change?

Turnbow: My mentality is the exactly the same in the eighth as it is in the ninth, I am still helping my team win the game.

Nathan_t: Do you think you will be able to hold off the Cubs and win the division?

Turnbow: Our goal is to be able to win the division and make a run to win the World Series.

Nathan_t: Do you play video games?

Turnbow: Yes, I enjoy Tiger Woods, Madden and Halo.

Titan25: What kind of a workout do you do on a game day?

Turnbow: I don't work out until after games and I usually do a total body workout three or four times a week.

Turnbow: Thanks for joining me today, I am going to get ready for tonight's game. Hope to see you at Miller Park! Go Brewers.

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