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06/07/06 4:36 PM ET

Hall knows he is on to something good

Shortstop chats online about early season success

Brewers shortstop Bill Hall chatted online with fans Wednesday. He answered questions about how the team is dealing with injuries, his early offensive output and the Brewers' chances of making the playoffs.

Bill Hall: Hello everyone, thanks for joining me today, let's get started.

mikeyp33metsrule: How happy were you when you were drafted?

Hall: I was very happy because it was a lifelong dream to become a Major League Baseball player and being drafted is one of the first steps. It was a very important day in my life and I will never forget it.

Base_Ball_2: I know the season is long, but is there, or should there be, a sense of urgency in the locker room? Or are you just trying to tread while Ben Sheets and other players get healthy?

Hall: No, we still feel like we have the talent to win while these guys are hurt. We were actually a couple games over .500 before last week. We still feel like we have the talent to be in the top of our division right now. We can only imagine what it will be like when we get everyone healthy.

lucabus: Bill, growing up in Mississippi, what was your favorite baseball team?

Hall: The Atlanta Braves.

Base_Ball_4: Hey Bill, awesome start to the season. How much has Butch Wynegar helped all the young guys at the plate this season?

Hall: He has helped us out a lot. He always keeps a positive attitude even when the team is struggling at the plate. He knows we are going to get better, it is just a matter of time.

Base_Ball: I know you play many positions, but which one do you like to play more and which one do you think you play best?

Hall: Either shortstop or second. Those are the positions I feel most natural at only because I haven't had much time at third.

johnnyboy2006: Bill, great job so far this season and looking forward to seeing you and the Crew at Miller Park tomorrow. Besides Miller Park, which Major League park do you enjoy playing at? Also, how do you think the Indianapolis Colts will do without Edgerrin James?

Hall: It is always fun to play at Chicago because it is always sold out and a packed house. As for the Colts, we will see them in the Super Bowl.

nebtron: Are you starting tonight?

Hall: Yes, I am starting tonight at shortstop and hitting seventh.

Base_Ball: I know there are many games left this season, but do you think you guys will make it to the playoffs this year?

Hall: Yes, once we get our team healthy, we feel like we will make a run to winning this division.

Dale_Leonard: Bill, thanks for giving the world goose bumps after hitting that home run with the pink bat and recognizing the millions that suffer with cancer.

Hall: I always like to do my part when it comes to people that have unfortunate diseases. It was also fun to have my mom in the stands on Mother's Day and do something big for her.

Base_Ball_2: It will be good to see you back in the lineup tonight. What do you expect out of Zach Jackson?

Hall: I am happy to be back in the lineup tonight and I expect Zach to be aggressive in the strike zone. He has a lot of good pitches and should do well.

nebtron: Bill, what is your favorite sport besides baseball?

Hall: Football. Coming out of high school it was definitely my second sport of choice. If I hadn't been drafted, I would have went to college and played.

Ashley_Kolata: What is your routine for before games?

Hall: I come in and eat a cheeseburger, maybe play some chess then I watch tonight's pitcher and try to get a game plan to hit.

johnnyboy2006: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Hall: Ozzie Smith, he was the best defensive shortstop ever.

Ashley_Kolata: Who is the toughest pitcher you have faced?

Hall: Pedro Martinez because he pitches me differently every at-bat.

brewershardy7: How many home runs do you think you will hit this year?

Hall: I am not sure, I am just trying to hit the ball hard. If they happen to go out, that is good. I just know I am off to a good start.

nebtron: Have you ever hit a ball that almost hit Bernie Brewer?

Hall: Not in a game, but I got it up there a couple times during batting practice.

brewershardy7: What is your favorite baseball movie?

Hall: The Natural.

Dan_Born: Bill, do you have any friends that are on the Bucks or the Packers?

Hall: I am friends with former Packer Javon Walker and a few of the other Packers. I really don't know any of the Bucks.

Trevor_VanSchyndel: What is a bigger thrill for you -- hitting a home run or making that diving play at short and throwing someone out from the hole?

Hall: Making a diving play to throw someone out, but I also like hitting home runs, too.

Dan_Born: Why do you wear No. 2?

Hall: No reason, I just got it when I was five and playing baseball and I never switched.

nebtron: Did you ever think about playing in the Majors while growing up?

Hall: Yes, I told my mom when I was five years old that I was going to be a Major League Baseball player. So I dedicated my life to keeping my promise to my mom.

Ashley_Kolata: Do you play fantasy football? If so, who are you drafting?

Hall: Yes, I really enjoy beating Geoff Jenkins and Sheets. Hopefully, I will be drafting Peyton Manning. If not, LaDanian Tomlinson would be nice.

bigbootytrudy: Who is your favorite actress?

Hall: Meagan Good.

withjc7: Bye Bill, I have to go.

Hall: I have to go too! Thanks for the questions, sorry I couldn't answer them all, maybe next time. Go Brewers.

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