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06/02/05 3:49 PM ET

Overbay chats with fans online

First baseman spends an hour answering questions

Brewers first baseman Lyle Overbay spent some time online chatting with fans before the game on Thursday. Overbay answered questions about his future at first base, how he prepares for a game and the "O" chant.

Lyle Overbay: Hello Brewers fans. I'm happy to join you this afternoon.

crazyforcappy: What kind of music do you listen to?

Overbay: All sorts of music. I like Pearl Jam, but I like all kinds of music.

kuehlebohnen: What did you study in college? Did you always expect you would be playing baseball after school? What would you be doing if you weren't playing baseball?

Overbay: I studied fitness and wellness. My first two years I studied business, but it wasn't my niche. I changed my major to fitness and wellness in hope of coaching in the future. I did not expect to play baseball after college. I expected to get drafted after college, but I didn't know what to expect after that since I wasn't a high draft pick. If I weren't playing baseball, I would probably be in the Air Force. I would love to fly planes.

kuehlebohnen: What do you like to do to relax when you're not playing baseball? When you have a day off? During the offseason?

Overbay: In my spare time, I like to spend time with the family, wash the car and play golf.

bmann76: The injury you sustained in St. Louis could have been a lot more serious than it was. Do you think the plexiglass should be removed from Busch Stadium and from all other stadiums that feature some sort of barrier?

Overbay: I was fortunate that I wasn't injured more seriously. I feel that there should be some sort of padding on top of the plexiglass. I believe that the Cardinals are looking into doing something about making it more safe for players.

hazer75: What was your favorite baseball team growing up?

Overbay: Since I grew up in Seattle, the team I followed was the Mariners. My favorite Mariner was Jay Buhner.

Base_Ball_3: What are some key fundamentals to playing first base?

Overbay: First base is a one-handed position, meaning that you don't want to use two hands when fielding ground balls. You are a little more relaxed and can react better with one hand. Try not to react to a thrown ball until you know where it's going.

Base_Ball_2: Are you glad the Brewers got Carlos Lee and Damian Miller?

Overbay: Absolutely. Carlos' track record is pretty good and Damian is one of the most underrated catchers when it comes to calling a game. Carlos has provided power and is a cluch hitter and he separates the two lefties in the lineup.

hazer75: Is Bob Uecker the cooloest?

Overbay: Some of the stories about past players and the game when he played and being around baseball ... Uke has a lot of knowledge and I just like to be around him to soak it up. He's the man.

ben15shttes: When Prince Fielder is ready for the Majors, what is going to be your future? Is it possible you will make a position change?

Overbay: I think it will work out for both of us, but realistically we have a pretty good outfield. I don't really see myself converting to the outfield. I think it will probably be Prince or me.

Base_Ball: How's the weather in California?

Overbay: Smoggy but warm.

hazer75: How does the "O" chant effect your at-bats? Does it break your concentration at all?

Overbay: The "O" chant doesn't break my concentration. Sometimes it gets me too pumped up because I want to come through and give the fans something to cheer about, instead of just chanting. But overall, I think it's cool that I get that treatment from Brewers fans.

andrei: What's your greatest high school sports memory?

Overbay: Being a part of the state championship team my sophomore season and being a big part of winning the title.

crazyforcappy: Hi Lyle, I am a big fan of yours and we miss you here in Arizona. My question is, how much different is it playing in front of Brewers fans than Diamondbacks fans?

Overbay: The fans in Milwaukee have created the "O" chant. But I was treated great by fans in Milwaukee and Arizona.

mscandie: When a guy from the opposing team gets to first base, what are you talking about with him?

Overbay: We talk about how the family is, how good Albert Pujols is, and what kind of pitch you hit.

mlb_com_member: What are your favorite ballparks to play in?

Overbay: My favorite ballpark to play in is Pac Bell, better known as SBC Park, in San Francisco and I also like playing at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. It has a nice view of the city.

Base_Ball_2: Do you like it in Milwaukee better than Arizona? Do you think you'll pass your doubles record from last year?

Overbay: I like that I am playing every day in Milwaukee. I've got a long way to go to get close to the doubles record from last year. I've got to figure out how to hit doubles again, but I will try.

Base_Ball_2: Are you married and do you have any kids?

Overbay: Yes, I am married and we have two sons -- 15 months and four months so it's a busy household for the Overbays.

Base_Ball_3: What are some things you do before a game to prepare?

Overbay: When preparing for the game, I look at video of the pitcher for the day so I can see what kind of pitches he has. I take batting practice on the field and in the batting cages to get squared away. I read my notebook on the pitcher to make sure that I don't have something that the video didn't show. On the first day of a series, we meet as a team to go over the pitching matchups, the pitchers strengths and our defensive positioning for the series.

nosense: What does it feel like to play ball, knowing that if you struggle the Brewers may have a better option in Prince Fielder behind you?

Overbay: Every year you have to prove yourself. There's always someone behind you trying to get to where you are and pushing you to do better.

ben15shttes: Whats your handicap?

Overbay: I don't have an official handicap, but I usually shoot in the 80s.

Base_Ball_4: Who is your closest baseball friend?

Overbay: I would say my closest baseball friend is Brian Dallimore, who plays for the San Francisco Giants, and Doug DeVore of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Doug was my roommate on the road in the Minor Leagues.

Base_Ball: Have you ever been in Bernie's dugout? If so, did you go down the slide?

Overbay: No, I haven't been in Bernie's dugout, but I do want to go down Bernie's slide. (Just don't tell Doug Melvin.)

Base_Ball_3: I enjoy watching you play with the Brewers. How long is your contract and will you be returning next season?

Overbay: I'm signed year to year. If the Brewers want me back, I'll be back.

Base_Ball: Who on the team do you hang with most?

Overbay: Probably Chris Capuano.

andrei: What is the one piece of memorabilia you would like to obtain?

Overbay: An Albert Pujols signed bat.

Cody_Smith: How did you feel when you weren't selected to the All-Star Game last year?

Overbay: Disappointed because I'm not sure if I'll be able to put up those numbers again.

ben15shttes: Like most athletes, do you play video games at all? Who is the video game freak on the Brewers?

Overbay: I play some on the road, but I'm currently addicted to watching the show "24." I highly recommend watching it.

Base_Ball: Do you think they should have built Miller Park in the city or do you like where it is?

Overbay: The city atmosphere is great, but where are you going to tailgate?

Base_Ball: Are you ever disappointed to only see 15-20,000 fans instead of a packed house every day?

Overbay: We realize that we have to play better to get more support from Brewers fans.

andrei: Who is the toughest pitcher to get a read on?

Overbay: That's a tough question, probably Odalis Perez.

Base_Ball_3: I lived near Seattle for seven years. You're from the Northwest. do you think Portland will ever get a big league team to go up against your hometown heros?

Overbay: I certainly think the Portland area deserves it. It would be nice for the area to have a Major League team.

Overbay: I want to thank you all for joining me in today's chat. It has been nice to be able to answer some of your questions. As always, thanks for your support.

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