PITTSBURGH -- It was hard to tell if the collective sigh that came from the Brewers' dugout on Sunday was one of surprise or relief.

When starter CC Sabathia grabbed a line drive hit by the Pirates' Nate McLouth with his bare hand in the fourth inning, everyone in a Brewers uniform was most was likely frightened for the left-hander's health.

But after Milwaukee's 7-0 victory, however, Sabathia said the play was no big deal.

"It wasn't hit that hard, so Mad Dog [pitching coach Mike Maddux] and all the trainers weren't that mad," Sabathia said. "It kind of stuck. I just put my hand out and it stuck."

The play turned out to be in the Brewers' favor. Sabathia turned and began a 1-3 double play. It helped contribute to Sabathia's disputed one-hitter in front of 21,293 at PNC Park.

If the line drive -- which was hit after McLouth broke his bat -- was slapped any harder, it could have injured Sabathia's left pitching hand.