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2012 Trade Deadline Archive

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  • | Dempster not in room during Cubs-Dodgers talks

    There's been some confusion as to who said what to whom regarding the Cubs' negotiations with the Dodgers about Ryan Dempster.

  • | Cubs hopeful Vizcaino will fill important role for future

    Impact players. That's what the Cubs are looking for, either through the Draft, international signings or trades, and this week, they added a pitching prospect who the front office feels could be a dominant starter or possibly the team's future closer.

  • | Epstein says Dempster was in tough spot

    The Cubs would've preferred that Ryan Dempster had a dozen teams he wanted to be traded to, but the right-hander made it clear the Dodgers were No. 1 on his list, and Theo Epstein said it isn't fair to portray the pitcher as being selfish in his stance.

  • | Angels the biggest winners of trading season

    While plenty of teams were drooling over landing an ace for their rotations, the Angels were the one team that got the deal done prior to Tuesday's Trade Deadline, acquiring former Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke.

  • | A post-Deadline look at the division races

    What we have are six division and four Wild Card races that were undoubtedly affected by the Trade Deadline dealing, and so this seems as good a time as any to take stock of how things stand.