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Four K's in one inning
Eighty-one pitchers have struck out four batters in one inning.

American League

 Pitcher  Team Date Inning
Mike Bolsinger Blue Jays 07-18-2017 13th
Craig Kimbrel Red Sox 05-25-2017 Ninth
Nate Karns Royals 05-03-2017 Sixth
James Paxton Mariners 09-06-2016 First
Ken Giles Astros 08-07-2016 Ninth
Tyler Duffey Twins 05-08-2016 Seventh
Anibal Sanchez** Tigers 10-12-2013 First
Alex Cobb Rays 05-10-2013 Third
Zack Greinke Angels 09-25-2012 Fourth
Phil Hughes Yankees 09-20-2012 Fourth
Steve Delabar Blue Jays 08-13-2012 Tenth
Francisco Liriano Twins 06-05-2012 Fourth
Ryan Cook A's 04-27-2012 Eighth
Jeremy Hellickson Rays 08-25-2011 Third
Justin Masterson Indians 08-04-2011 Second
A.J. Burnett Yankees 06-24-2011 Sixth
Felix Hernandez Mariners 06-03-2010 Eighth
Scot Shields Angels 06-21-2008 Eighth
Scott Baker Twins 06-15-2008 Third
Kazuhiro Sasaki Mariners 04-04-2003 Ninth
Erik Hiljus A's 06-30-2001 Seventh
Chuck Finley Indians 04-16-2000 Third
Chuck Finley Angels 08-15-1999 First
Tim Wakefield Red Sox 08-10-1999 Ninth
Chuck Finley Angels 05-15-1999 Third
Blake Stein A's 07-27-1998 Fourth
Wilson Alvarez White Sox 07-21-1997 Seventh
Kevin Appier Royals 09-03-1996 Fourth
Paul Shuey Indians 05-14-1994 Ninth
Matt Young Mariners 09-09-1990 First
Charlie Hough Rangers 07-04-1988 First
Bobby Witt Rangers 08-02-1987 Second
Mike Paxton Indians 07-21-1978 Fifth
Mike Cuellar Orioles 05-29-1970 Fourth
Lee Strange Indians 09-02-1964 Seventh
Ryne Duren Angels 05-18-1961 Seventh
Guy Morton Indians 06-11-1916 Seventh
Walter Johnson Senators 04-15-1911 Fifth

National League

 Pitcher  Team Date Inning
Zack Godley D-backs 08-13-2017 First
Jon Gray Rockies 09-17-2016 Second
Jake Thompson Phillies 08-12-2016 Second
Julio Teheran Braves 05-24-2016 Second
Will Smith Brewers 10-04-2015 Ninth
Sergio Santos Dodgers 05-16-2015 Eighth
Kenley Jansen Dodgers 05-15-2015 Eighth
Oliver Perez D-backs 09-20-2014 Seventh
Justin Grimm Cubs 08-29-2014 Ninth
Zack Greinke Dodgers 07-25-2014 Third
Tony Cingrani Reds 04-28-2013 Fourth
Craig Kimbrel Braves 09-26-2012 Ninth
Jason Berken Cubs 09-20-2012 Second
Bud Norris Astros 04-24-2012 Third
Yovani Gallardo Brewers 09-17-2011 Fifth
Manny Parra Brewers 06-06-2010 Fourth
Luke Gregerson Padres 10-04-2009 Seventh
Ryan Dempster Cubs 10-04-2009 Fifth
Brad Penny Dodgers 09-22-2006 Second
Jon Rauch Nationals 04-26-2006 Eighth
Mike Stanton Mets 08-03-2004 Eighth
Brad Lidge Astros 06-13-2004 Seventh
Octavio Dotel Astros 06-11-2003 Eighth
Darren Dreifort Dodgers 05-22-2003 Second
Kerry Wood Cubs 09-02-2002 Fourth
A.J. Burnett Marlins 07-05-2002 First
Frankie Rodriguez Reds 07-22-2001 Seventh
Steve Kline Expos 08-17-1999 Seventh
Jerry Spradlin Giants 07-22-1999 Seventh
Archie Corbin Marlins 04-28-1999 Seventh
Kirt Ojala Marlins 09-16-1998 Fourth
Derek Wallace Mets 09-13-1996 Ninth
Bruce Ruffin Rockies 07-25-1996 Ninth
Mark Wohlers Braves 06-07-1995 Ninth
Tim Birstas Reds 06-04-1990 Seventh
Paul Assenmacher Braves 08-22-1989 Fifth
Mike Scott Astros 09-03-1986 Fifth
Mario Soto Reds 05-17-1984 Third
Phil Niekro Braves 07-29-1977 Sixth
Bill Bonham Cubs 07-31-1974 Second
Bob Gibson Cardinals 06-07-1966 Fourth
Don Drysdale Dodgers 04-17-1965 Second
Pete Richert Dodgers 04-12-1962 Third
Joe Nuxhall Reds 08-11-1959 Sixth
Jim Davis Cubs 05-27-1956 Sixth
Orval Overall* Cubs 10-14-1908 First
Hooks Wiltse Giants 05-15-1906 Fifth
Ed Crane Giants 10-04-1888 Fifth

*-Game 5, 1908 World Series
**-Game 1, 2013 ALCS