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Draft 2008
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16Lawrie, BrettBrookswood SSCR/R5'11"2001990-01-18HS400K
Comments: Scouting Canadian players can sometimes be difficult because of the lack of opportunity to see them. But scouts know all about Lawrie and his plus power potential, something he's been able to show off while playing for the Langley Blaze in British Columbia. What they don't know is where he can play, though he's shown the tools -- raw though they may be -- to handle being a catcher. It may take a while, but putting that bat behind the plate could one day make him a premium player.
Enhanced Scouting Report
32Odorizzi, JacobHighland HS (IL)RHPR/R6'02"1751990-03-27HS400K
Comments: A high school pitcher with "helium," Odorizzi is moving up charts thanks to an excellent repertoire, good command and smooth delivery. He's got four offerings that grade out as average or better, a projectable frame that has room for growth. The only things that could hold him back are some questions about his competitiveness on the mound and a commitment to Louisville.
Enhanced Scouting Report
35Frederickson, EvanU San FranciscoLHPL/L6'06"2381986-09-23JR400K
53Lintz, SethMarshall County HS (TN)RHPR/R6'01"1701990-02-07HS400K
54Dykstra, CutterWestlake HS (CA)CFR/R5'11"1801989-06-29HS400K
Comments: The son of former big-leaguer Lenny, this Dykstra has similar bloodlines with athletic ability, plus speed and some pop in his bat. He won't play shortstop as a pro, but profiles better as an offensive-minded second baseman or center-field candidate.
Enhanced Scouting Report
62Adams, ThomasSouthern Illinois U CarbondaleRHPR/R6'02"1801986-11-26JR400K
94Schafer, LoganCal Poly San Luis ObispoCFL/L6'01"1701986-09-08SR400K
128Romanski, JoshuaU San DiegoLHPL/L5'11"1801986-10-18JR400K
Comments: There is some debate over Romanski's value, whether it's higher on the mound or in the outfield. He's got a solid hitting approach with occasional power and he's OK in center field, though few think he could play there every day at the next level. He might be a bit of a tweener who ends up being a pretty good fourth OF one day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
158Lasker, MaverickSandra Day O'Connor HS (AZ)RHPR/R6'02"1901990-02-17HS400K
Comments: Scouts began focusing on the Phoenix-area two-way star more as a pitcher, thanks to a fastball that has been clocked at 94 per hour and a strong-average curve and changeup. He lacks command and was plagued by an injured shoulder his senior season, but his athleticism and raw arm strength are enough to project him as at least a setup man in the future.
Enhanced Scouting Report
188Duran, JoseTexas A&M USSR/R5'11"1901986-11-27JR
218Watten, StevenAbilene Christian URHPR/R6'03"1801986-12-16JR
248Komatsu, ErikCal St FullertonLFL/L5'10"1901987-10-01JR400K
278Bowman, MichaelVirginia Military InstituteRHPR/R6'02"1951987-05-02JR400K
308Miller, GregorySeton Hall URHPR/R6'04"2201987-02-08JR400K
338Marseco, MichaelSamford USSR/R5'09"1401987-01-07JR
368Sherrill, GarrettAppalachian St URHPR/R6'05"2101987-09-04JR
398Wooten, RobertUNC Chapel HillRHPR/R6'01"2101985-07-21SR
428Kemp, CoreyEast Carolina UCR/R6'00"2251986-02-24SR
458Willinsky, MarkSanta Clara URHPR/R6'04"1987-03-14JR
488Wawrzasek, StoshWalnut Grove SSRHPR/R6'00"2251990-08-30HS400K
518Krestalude, DamonPort St Lucie HS (FL)RHPR/R6'04"1851989-06-05HS
548Bucci, NicholasSt Patrick HSRHPR/R6'02"1801990-07-16HS400K
578Billings, BlakeneyHillcrest HS (AL)RHPR/R6'05"2001990-01-08HS
608Ohlmann, LiamManchester CCRHPS/R6'01"2281986-09-15J2
638Luetge, LucasRice ULHPL/L6'03"1981987-02-24JR
668Jeffers, BenjaminChipola JCRHPR/R6'01"2001987-08-30J3
698Knecht, MarcusSt Michaels Col SchoolOFR/R6'01"2001990-06-21HS400K
728Ritchie, BrandonGrand Rapids CCLHPL/L6'04"1986-12-10J3
758Delaney, JohnQuinnipiac USSR/R5'09"1801985-12-30SR
788Alfonso, DerrickU LouisvilleCR/R6'00"2101985-07-06SR
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