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Relief Man Award winners

American League
2006Francisco RodriguezANA134
2005Mariano RiveraNYY135
2004Mariano RiveraNYY157
2003Keith FoulkeOAK139
2002Billy KochOAK136
2001Mariano RiveraNYY135
2000Todd JonesDET118
1999Mariano RiveraNYY129
1998Tom GordonBOS142
1997Randy MyersBAL131
1996John WettelandNYY119
1995Jose MesaCLE140
1994Lee SmithBAL81
1993Jeff MontgomeryKC127
1992Dennis EckersleyOAK159
1991Bryan HarveyCA122
1990Bobby ThigpenCHI151
1989Jeff RussellTEX106
1988Dennis EckersleyOAK123
1987Dave RighettiNYY72
1986Dave RighettiNYY100
1985Dan QuisenberryKC81
1984Dan QuisenberryKC97
1983Dan QuisenberryKC97
1982Dan QuisenberryKC85
1981Rollie FingersMIL61
1980Dan QuisenberryKC83
1979Jim KernTEX79
1978Rich GossageNYY63
1977Bill CampbellBOS79
1976Bill CampbellMIN69
National League
2006Trevor HoffmanSD124
2005Chad CorderoWAS137
2004Eric GagneLA142
2003Eric GagneLA165
2002John SmoltzATL164
2001Armando BenitezNYM130
2000Antonio AlfonsecaFLA125
1999Billy WagnerHOU117
1998Trevor HoffmanSD161
1997Jeff ShawCIN116
1996Jeff BrantleyCIN120
1995Tom HenkeSTL104
1994Rod BeckSF80
1993Randy MyersCHC143
1992Lee SmithSTL103
1991Lee SmithSTL135
1990John FrancoCA91
1989Mark DavisCHI126
1988John FrancoNYM91
1987Steve BedrosianPHI87
1986Todd WorrellSTL80
1985Jeff ReardonMON78
1984Bruce SutterSTL92
1983Al HollandPHI62
1982Bruce SutterSTL82
1981Bruce SutterSTL51
1980Rollie FingersSD59
1979Bruce SutterCHC
1978Rollie FingersSD73
1977Rollie FingersSD77
1976Rawly EastwickCIN69

Note: Three scoring systems (1976-1987; 1988-99; and 2000-Present) have been used over the course of the award.
Points are now awarded as follows: Save = 2 pts, Tough Save (entering the game with the tying run on base) = 4 pts, Win = 2 pts, Loss = -2 pts, Blown Save = -2 pts