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Season Seat Holder FAQs and Policies

Address Change

All requests to change a Season Seat Holder's address must be made in writing. This can be done by completing a standard form. Call the Brewers Sales Office at (414) 902-4100 to receive this form.

Brewers Community Foundation/Brewers Buddies Program

The Brewers Community Foundation/Brewers Buddies Program is an excellent way to put your Brewers tickets to good use and support a great cause. Season Seat Holders can donate tickets for future games and the Brewers Community Foundation will distribute them to non-profit and community-based organizations throughout Wisconsin. All contributions of tickets to the Brewers Buddies Program will be acknowledged in writing by the Brewers Community Foundation, the Club's charitable arm.

BY MAIL: Drop your tickets in an envelope and send them to us at least 48 hours before the game date (more advance time, if possible, so we have an opportunity to turn them around. If you use the address listed below, you can be sure the tickets will reach the proper office for procession into the Brewers Buddies Program). Please mail game tickets to:

Milwaukee Brewers Sales Office
Brewers Community Foundation/Brewers Buddies
One Brewers Way
Milwaukee, WI 53214

If you have any questions about the Brewers Community Foundation/Brewers Buddies Program, please call the Brewers Sales Office at (414) 902-4100 or the Brewers Community Foundation at (414) 902-4501.

PLEASE NOTE: Ticket contributions must be for future games.

Duplicate Ticket Policy

Please treat your tickets as you would cash. Tickets that are lost, stolen, left at home or in the office will be replaced for a $5 non-refundable per ticket fee. If the original tickets and the reprinted tickets both find their way to the ballpark, the account who asked for the original tickets to be reprinted will be responsible for full payment of the duplicate tickets. If tickets are stolen and a police report is presented to the Brewers Sales Office, tickets can be reprinted at no charge. Duplicate tickets are issued at the sole discretion of the Milwaukee Brewers. The Milwaukee Brewers are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

Johnson Controls Stadium Club

Season Seat Holder accounts with two or more Full Season equivalents, in selected areas, receive a complimentary Johnson Controls Stadium Club membership. Each member will receive a membership card along with a booklet with four passes per game. Each membership card allows the cardholder as well as three guests to enter the Johnson Controls Stadium Club. Dinner reservations are recommended and can be made by calling (414) 902-4707. Memberships are not valid for any Postseason games played at Miller Park.

Policies for Exchanges and Unused Tickets
  • Season Seat Holders have the option to exchange tickets and parking passes to any of the 50 future regular season home games (excludes: Opening Day; Saturdays; Sundays in June, July, and August; All-Fan Giveaway dates; and Yankees games).
  • All tickets must be exchanged for a date occurring AFTER the date of the ticket being exchanged (e.g. September tickets cannot be exchanged for games played earlier in the season).
  • A $1.00 per ticket service fee will be applied to all exchanged tickets and parking.
  • This is a ticket-for-ticket exchange and tickets may be exchanged only ONCE.
  • The Brewers will provide tickets in the same or similar price category (subject to availability).
  • Original tickets must be exchanged at least 48 hours in advance of the game date on the original ticket.
  • A maximum of eight tickets can be exchanged for any one particular game.
  • Exchange dates are subject to change.
  • *Excludes Terrace Ticket Treat Accounts
  • ^Restrictions apply to Loge Level Double Play Accounts
PAST GAME/UNUSED TICKET EXCHANGE POLICY (primary exchange policy for terrace ticket treat accounts)
  • If you choose to exchange unused game tickets from a game already played, or if it is less than 48 hours prior to the date on your ticket, those tickets may be redeemed for tickets to any of the 41 regularly scheduled MONDAY-THURSDAY home games.
  • Each unused ticket from a past game will be exchanged by the Brewers for the best available location in the TERRACE RESERVED only.
  • A $1.00 per ticket service fee will be applied to all exchanged tickets and parking.
  • This is a ticket-for-ticket exchange and tickets may be exchanged only ONCE.
  • A maximum of eight tickets can be exchanged for any one particular game.
  • Exchange dates are subject to change.
Postseason Tickets

Full Season Seat Holders will have the opportunity to purchase one Postseason strip for each season ticket held on their account. The Brewers will make every attempt, but cannot guarantee regular season seat locations.

PARTIAL PLAN HOLDERS (40 & 20 Game plans)

As a Partial Plan Holder, you will have the option to purchase full strips to all Brewers Postseason games played at Miller Park. You will have the option to purchase the same number of seats as you hold in the regular season, maximum of four seats. You will not have the option to purchase your same seat locations. Specific seating is not guaranteed. Most partial plan Postseason locations will likely be located on the Terrace Level.

Season Seat Holder Customer Service Window

During all Brewers home games, Window #5 will be open to serve the needs of Season Seat Holders. The Season Seat Holder customer service window will be open one hour prior to each game until 45 minutes after the first pitch. This window is located by the Will Call windows at the front of Miller Park.

Season Seat Holder Luncheons

Meet the personalities of the game and hear the inside scoop first hand. Luncheons commence at noon with a quality meal, followed by presentation from special guests including a Q&A session with Brewers players and/or coaches. You are welcome to bring guests with you. The cost is $31 per person. Only Season Seat Holders of record may order luncheon tickets. Order early, as space is limited.

Season Ticket Renewals

The opportunity to renew season tickets is a privilege granted by the Milwaukee Brewers and may be withdrawn at the Brewers sole discretion. While the Brewers will exercise reasonable efforts to maintain renewal privileges, Season Seat Holders are not guaranteed this opportunity. Season ticket and seat locations granted by the Brewers are offered on a one-year basis with no automatic right of first refusal or renewal.


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Ticket Scalping

Resale of tickets is only lawful within the Ticket Resale Zone. This area is located on the walkway between the Public Transit turnaround circle and the Aaron parking lot, just south of the Helfaer Field. This is the exclusive area for reselling tickets at up to face value. The resale of tickets at any price in any area other than the Ticket Resale Zone is in violation of Milwaukee City Ordinance 11.01. Violators are subject to arrest and prosecution by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department.

Violation of Season Ticket Policy

Season tickets granted by the Brewers constitute a revocable license to enter upon Miller Park grounds for the specific purpose of watching Milwaukee Brewers baseball game, without the Brewers giving up any legal possessory or controlling rights over the Park property. The Club retains the sole right to rescind season ticket privileges immediately if any of the policies set forth in the Milwaukee Brewers Season Seat Holder Handbook are violated.

Waiting List or Seating Improvements:

Any Season Seat holder requesting a seat location change should fill out a SEASON TICKET UPGRADE FORM. A season ticket upgrade form can be supplied to you by calling the Brewers Sales Office at (414) 902-4100. Location changes are based on seniority.