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Miller Park Roof Status

Miller Park's most unique feature is its moveable roof. The fan-shaped roof includes 12,000 tons of structural steel and spans approximately 600 feet from home plate to the outfield track beam. The roof covers more than 8.5 acres and is comprised of seven panels (five of which are movable). The roof can open or close in ten minutes with three of the moveable roof panels stacking on the left side and two moveable roof panels stacking on the right side of the ballpark. Each moveable roof panel moves independently of the others, rotating on a fixed pivot bearing behind home plate. Each moveable roof panel is powered by two 60-horsepower electric motors on drive trucks that move along a semi-circular rail system on the track beam about 150 feet above the playing field. Inside, the roof towers over 200 feet above the playing field above second base.

Roof Status for Today's Game

For game day roof status and weather report, call the Miller Park Roof Hotline at 414-902-4636.