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Detroit Tigers Season Tickets

Tigers Season Ticketholders enjoy the best seats, the biggest savings and a number of exclusive benefits not available to the general public. With a variety of plans to choose from, there is a ticket plan perfect for every Tigers fan. Learn how you can experience Tigers Baseball in a whole new way with a Tigers Ticket Plan, check out the tabs below and contact one of our Account Representatives with any questions.

Reserve your seat for 2017

Place a deposit for 2017 Season Tickets including Full and Partial Season Plans!
(15 games or more)

2017 Season Tickets with 2016 Postseason Priority   2017 Season Tickets Only


  • A 100% deposit is required on 2017 Full Season Plans (Outfield Box, Lower Baseline Box, Upper Box Infield, Mezzanine).
  • Each 2017 Full Season Plan deposit placed includes the opportunity to purchase one 2016 Postseason ticket strip (Postseason ticket strip includes all Tigers home Postseason games).
  • The remaining balance for your 2017 Season Tickets is subject to final "seat pricing" for 2017 Season Tickets. Seat pricing will be determined at the end of the 2016 season.(including Playoffs).

In addition to 2016 Postseason Priority, you will also receive the benefits of all 2017 Season Ticket Holders (see below). All deposits are non-refundable. Please read the Terms and Conditions for complete details regarding the 2016 Postseason purchase opportunity.

By clicking on the link to place a deposit on 2017 Season Tickets with 2016 Postseason Priority, you also enter the following agreement between Detroit Tigers, Inc. ("DTI") and you regarding your purchase of full-season tickets for the DTI 2017 regular season (the "2017 Season Tickets") and DTI 2016 home playoff games (the "2016 Playoff Tickets"). This agreement is binding when accepted by DTI (as set forth below).

In consideration of your purchase of 2016 Playoff Tickets (locations as determined by DTI), you agree to purchase the same number of 2017 Season Tickets (example: The purchase of two (2) 2017 Season Tickets includes the opportunity to purchase two (2) 2016 Playoff Tickets to remaining Tigers home playoff games. The price of the 2016 Playoff Tickets and a 100% non-refundable deposit for the 2017 Season Tickets will be charged to your credit card or otherwise paid in a manner acceptable to DTI. Upon DTI's charge of your credit card (and authorization of such charge by the applicable credit card network) or your alternate payment to DTI, the sale of the 2016 Playoff Tickets and 2017 Season Tickets to you is final.

The 100% 2017 Season Ticket deposit is computed as follows:

Seating Area Full Season (per seat) 100% Deposit Required (per seat)
  Outfield Box $3,198 $3,198
  Lower Baseline Box $2,388 $2,388
  Upper Box Infield $1,579 $1,579
  Mezzanine $1,397 $1,397

(This 100% deposit is based upon 2016 pricing and is subject to change in 2017. See Item 4 below).

  1. There is an 8 seat maximum per ticketholder unless expressly approved by DTI.
  2. 2017 Season Tickets for On-Deck Circle, Tiger Den, Lower Infield Box, Infield Box, Terrace, RF Tables, RF Balcony, Jungle, Club, Upper Box Left Field, Upper Box Right Field, Upper Baseline Box, RF Grandstand, Pavilion, Bleachers, Kaline's Corner and Skyline seating areas with the 2016 Playoff Tickets are excluded from this offer.
  3. Your seating location(s) for 2016 Playoff Tickets may vary by series. Your exact seat location for the 2017 Season Tickets will be set following the end of the 2016 season (including Playoffs). DTI reserves the right to establish and/or change all seating for the 2016 Playoff Tickets and the 2017 Season Tickets.
  4. The remaining balance for your 2017 Season Tickets is subject to final "seat pricing" for 2017 Season Tickets. Seat pricing will be determined at the end of the 2016 season (including Playoffs).
  5. The 100% 2017 Season Ticket deposit is non-refundable, (whether or not the DTI participates in the 2016 Playoffs), and is not transferable towards a 2017 Ticket area in a lesser price category than the deposit price range you order at this time without express consent of DTI. Any remaining balance shall be due no later than January 31, 2017.

As 2016 Playoff Tickets are limited, your offer to purchase 2016 Playoff and/or 2017 Season Tickets may be declined by DTI in its discretion. Your order is not accepted until your credit card has been charged and has been authorized by your credit card network or the payment price has been otherwise paid to DTI. Please note: The 2017 Season Ticket Deposit Program is subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the program may be changed at the discretion of the Detroit Tigers.

Please note, current 2016 season ticketholders placing deposits through this program will be required to retain their current plan seats for 2017 as well as the additional full season seats purchased through this program.


  • A $300 per seat deposit is required for Full Season Plans and a $100 per seat deposit for 41, 28, and 15 game plans. All deposits are non-refundable.
  • Once ticket inventory is established in the offseason, the Detroit Tigers will contact everyone in the order in which their deposits were received to allow purchasers to select their 2017 seating location(s).

Enjoy the rewards and exclusive benefits that you'll receive as a Detroit Tigers Season Ticketholder including:

  • Opening Day tickets*
  • The best seat locations
  • First priority to upgrade your seats
  • Season Ticketholder discount*

*Applicable to Full Season, 41 and 28-game plans.

Please note, this program is for new season ticket customers only. If you are a current season ticketholder, you do not need to place a deposit at this time.

All 2017 deposits are non-refundable and must be used toward the purchase of a 2017 season ticket package of 15 games or more.