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2014 Full/Den Half Season Ticketholders Postseason Information

Detroit Tigers Postseason
Presales and Purchase Opportunities
All Comerica Park seats
Presale Begins: September 10, 10AM
Password: provided via email
Presale Ends:September 12, 5PM
Purchase Limit: 8 strips

This presale opportunity has ended

13 Game Postseason Strip Presale

Log into your My Tigers Tickets account and apply a full or 50% payment by Tuesday, August 26 at 12PM.

If you select the 50% payment option:

  • You must pay online via a credit card which is valid through December 2014 or later. The credit card billing address must match the address of the season ticket account.
  • The remaining balance will be automatically applied between 9/29-9/30 to the same card used for the initial payment if the Detroit Tigers reach Postseason play.
  • Postseason tickets will be shipped separately by series.

This purchase opportunity has ended

Postseason ticket strip packages are not available for purchase by phone or at Tigers Box Offices and are subject to availability. Postseason strip locations will vary from the regular season ticket location. All sales are final, no exchanges or relocations permitted. Persons who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their orders and tickets cancelled without notice. This includes multiple orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number, or other information. The Detroit Tigers reserve the right to void any transactions in which the established policies are not followed.

Seating and Pricing
Seating Level Tiebreaker WILD CARD & ALDS
(per game)
(per strip)
(per game)
(per game)
Total Package Price
On-Deck Circle (Sections 120-135) $95 $95 $600 $165 $250 $2255
Tiger Den (Sections 120-135) $90 $115 $500 $165 $250 $2210
Terrace (Sections 136-141; 116-118) $63 $80 $360 $120 $250 $1863
Infield Box (Sections 118-137) $70 $90 $400 $130 $250 $1950
Outfield Box (Sections 115-117; 138-140) $55 $70 $320 $115 $250 $1795
Lower Baseline Box (Sections 112-114; 141-143) $46 $60 $280 $105 $225 $1606
Club Seats Upper (Sections 321-337) $44 $70 $320 $105 $190 $1504
Upper Box Infield (Sections 321-333) $38 $45 $220 $80 $190 $1298
Upper Box RF (Sections 210-219) $38 $45 $220 $80 $190 $1298
Upper Box LF (Sections 338-346) $38 $45 $220 $80 $190 $1298
Upper Baseline Box (Sections 334-337) $38 $45 $220 $80 $190 $1298
Mezzanine (Sections 210-219) $28 $45 $220 $80 $190 $1268
Pavilion (Sections 144-151) $29 $50 $240 $85 $225 $1469
RF Grandstand (Sections 101-106) $39 $60 $280 $95 $225 $1559
Upper Reserved (Sections 338-343) $24 $35 $180 $65 $190 $1184
Bleachers (Sections 101-106) $26 $40 $220 $80 $190 $1286
Kaline's Corner (Sections 107-111) $26 $45 $220 $80 $225 $1426
Skyline (Sections 344-345) $20 $35 $180 $50 $90 $720
RF Balcony (Tables) $55 $70 $130 $250 $1935
RF Balcony (Tiered) $55 $70 $320 $115 $250 $1795
Comerica Park Seating Map
Postseason Schedule

TIEBREAKER - TBD, if necessary

WILD CARD SERIES - TBD, if necessary

Dates and Times TBD
Home Game 1
Home Game 2
Home Game 3* If necessary, should the Tigers have home field advantage

Dates and Times TBD
Home Game 1
Home Game 2
Home Game 3* If necessary
Home Game 4* If necessary, should the Tigers have home field advantage

Dates and Times TBD
Home Game 1
Home Game 2
Home Game 3* If necessary
Home Game 4* If necessary

The information above can be used as a guideline. Due to the nature of the Postseason, exact game dates, times and opponents will not be determined until after the regular season has concluded. Please check back for updated information.

About your tickets

Please note the following:

  • Lost or Stolen Tickets: Please safeguard your tickets. Handle them as you would cash. Lost or stolen tickets for Postseason games will not be replaced nor can they be repurchased under any circumstances.
  • Your Postseason tickets will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment. There will be no provision to hold your tickets for pick up.
  • Tickets to unplayed games need not be returned. Your account will be automatically credited or refunded based on your selection. (See details below.)
  • WARNING: Postseason tickets are being distributed for you or your organization's personal use. Tickets are not to be resold for a premium in excess of any amount allowed by federal, state, or local law. Persons who sell or offer tickets for sale on game premises will be removed from the premises and prosecuted and could lose future rights to purchase tickets from this organization.
Season, Partial Season, and Suite Ticket Account Holders (13 game postseason strip purchases):

The amount paid for unplayed games will be automatically applied to your season ticket account for use towards the renewal of your season tickets for the subsequent season. If desired, refunds must be requested online. Specific instructions regarding how to request a refund for unplayed games will be emailed to season ticketholders immediately following the Detroit Tigers conclusion of postseason play or elimination from the potential for postseason play. Account holders will then have (3) three business days in which to request a refund of unplayed games. No further refund requests will be honored after this point. REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED ONLY TO THE TICKET ACCOUNT HOLDER OF RECORD BY THE SAME METHOD AS THE POSTSEASON PAYMENT WAS MADE. If your postseason purchase was paid with multiple credit cards, multiple checks, or a combination of both, every effort will be made to refund by the original payment method to the account holder of record. (Exceptions will apply at the discretion of the Detroit Tigers.) DO NOT return tickets to the Detroit Tigers, as the barcodes on these tickets have been disabled, and these tickets have no value. Following the conclusion of the 2014 postseason, please allow 4-6 weeks for refund processing if applicable. Processing/Shipping & Handling fees are non-refundable.

Single Game or Round by Round Postseason purchases: Internet & Phone Purchases: Ticket holders who purchased single game Postseason tickets or round by round postseason strips through Internet & Phone will receive an automatic refund through a credit issued to the credit card used for the original ticket purchase (approximately four to six weeks after the last Tigers game). The actual ticket will have no cash value AND SHOULD NOT BE RETURNED. The ticket holder will also receive a refund of the per ticket convenience fee. Per series Processing/Shipping & Handling fees are non-refundable. Other than tickets to non-played games, all ticket sales are final and tickets may not be returned, exchanged or refunded.