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Chat Transcript
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Boyer: Hello everyone. Looking forward to our chat today. Certainly happy that we put 16 runs on the board last night as it makes this session much easier. So go ahead and ask away. For the record, there is no spell check here so don't bust on me too bad. Let's go.

mlbrian2: If you could make the coolest bobblehead (or bobble-something) what would it be?

Boyer: I think we should do an Ozzie Guillen bobblehead with a sound card in it so when you pushed the button, one of Ozzie's rants would come out. This way, fans could use these as motivation in their lives.....and when we are struggling to score runs.

irish05: How difficult do you find it marketing for a club with an inter-city rival?

Boyer: It actually helps. High tides float all boats. The Cubs have had a lot of success this season and that is partly a bi-product of our success in 2005 as they went out and acquired some high priced players. Their success this year is motivation for us. Our fans certainly are ready to rally around the flag for the next two weeks. Should be fun.

mpmlb: Hi Brooks...I love taking tours of ballparks when I am in town. Is there a way to buy tickets to tour US Cellular on

Boyer: As you could probably imagine, tours of the ballpark are pretty popular. At this point, we have not started taking reservations online as we are able to handle it through our internal system. Anyone interested in a tour should call 312 674 1000. These tours are very cool and bringing kids is a must. Great photo ops.

firefyte89: Have you considered bringing back Movie Night In The Park?

Boyer: We have not. That is very complicated to operate and probably too expensive to keep the park open.

holiestcow: Looking ahead to a possible Windy City World Series, do you have any plans to offer special ticket chances to season ticket holders for World Series tickets?

Boyer: As you always have to say in baseball to make sure the Baseball Gods do not get angered: in the highly unlikely and improbable event that we are in position to make a playoff run, we will certainly have "playoff payoff" season ticket purchasing offer. At this point, we have not determined how we are going to sell individual game tickets. The best way to guarantee yourself a ticket to postseason action is to have season tickets. Get them while you can.

irish05: What career path did you take to become the VP and Chief Marketing Officer of the White Sox?

Boyer: I started as an intern at the Bulls right out of school. My first full time job was selling bathroom ads at the United Center (humble beginnings). I then landed a Corporate Sales job with the Bulls during the second Jordan run. Ended up running the Corporate Sales Department at the Bulls for six years before coming to the White Sox. I have been pretty lucky.

jshore: What new ticketing developments do you foresee over the next 3-5 years?

Boyer: All inclusive seems to be a new rage. Certainly the ease of forwarding tickets and using new technology (mobile) will make every ticket purchase easier. Quite honestly, you are still purchasing a seat for a great event. Hopefully what develops over the course of the next few years with the White Sox are more banners. This makes ticket purchasing more difficult.

soxgirl4ever: Brooks, what is your favorite part about working for the Chicago White Sox?

Boyer: Winning games.

bigvin1: Have you ever seen a senior slide into home during Senior's Stroll the Bases day?

Boyer: Fall? yes. Slide? no.

jb4eva: Any words of wisdom for current professionals looking to move into management in the sports or entertainment industry?

Boyer: If you are making a good living.......stay where you are. If you are serious about coming into this industry, be ready to take a step back and pay some dues in order to get where you want.

rowand_33: What was the biggest obstacle in your marketing career to overcome?

Boyer: In general terms, overcoming many of the pre-existing and existing perceptions about our ballpark, our fans, our experience and our neighborhood. This is a great place to come. The more people that know this and help us knock down the misperceptions and stereotypes that exist, the better.

kingjeffy: Are there any more renovations in the plans at The Cell?

Boyer: If I told you, I would have to have one of the Bertuccis kill you.

gruberk85: Love the White Sox/ Blackhawks cross promotion, will any White Sox players be going to Blackhawk games this year?

Boyer: Absolutely. A bunch of the Blackhawks players have come in to the Clubhouse to meet the guys. Konerko is a huge hockey fan so I would not be surprised to see our players at their games.

tcq42: Are you planning to have anymore of those awesome TV ads? Like the Konerko one with "I don't run, I trot"

Boyer: We have a good one coming.......stay tuned.

3clicks: What is your favorite ballpark food item?

Boyer: Best's Kosher dog with grilled onions. Solid.

knangreave: Bridgeport is an up-and-coming neighborhood. What changes would you like to see in Bridgeport that could enhance a fan's experience when they visit the Southside for a game?

Boyer: More housing. As people come in, so does retail.

homerunsox: Im sure you go to a lot of the games. Which Game since you first becamse vice president of chicago has been the most exciting

Boyer: I have two. First, the obvious, game 2 of the World Series. The other was the Pierzynski walkoff against the Dodgers when we honored the 1959 World Series team when we were wearing the 1959 uniforms. Awesome moment as I was sitting with the 1959 guys. Billy Pierce leaned over to me and said: "that's how we used to win 'em"

jamhova: If you could pick one moment in White Sox marketing history as your favorite which one would it be?

Boyer: The reaction of our fans to our Us vs. Them TV commercial back in 2004 was awesome. Also, Podsednik beating Jeter in the all-star vote in. Pretty cool. Grinder rules are up there too.

homerunsox: What trade over the offseason do you think benifitted the white sox the most in the 2008 season

Boyer: Currently, you cannot argue with the Carlos Quentin trade. Although they were not trades, getting the Missle, Linebrink and Dotel certainly have made us much better.

soxgirl4ever: What's a typical day like for you when there is a game? What time do you get to the park and when do you leave?

Boyer: I am usually in by 8am as I like to get things done early. I have a typical day: meetings, calls, busy work. Depending on what is going on, I will host people in a suite or visit with fans, sponsor or Wally's crew out in right field. It makes for a long day but I am at a ballpark so it is easy to keep some perspecive.

gruberk85: Brooks, how is attendance this year compared to this time last year?

Boyer: It is a little bit down but there are some factors. First, weather has been horrible in April and May. June is coming around and I think people are starting to forget 2007. My guess is that sales will continue to pick up as we get into summer.

irish05: What has been your favorite promotional event?

Boyer: Mullet Night Rocks.

irish05: Do you find it difficult to come up with new and exciting ways to get fans to the ballpark?

Boyer: No. The fundamentals stay the same. We want to provide great value for 81 dates, not just our gimmick or select promotional dates. I have a great staff and a fan base that is not afraid to share ideas......especially Eric Hasman

jessox1: My Cub-fan friend are jealous because of the advertising on the CTA Trains, Brooks keep up the good work! From Jesse at Leo Burnett

Boyer: Tell your Cub friend to become a White Sox fan and those feelings of jealousy will go away.

dan9167: Do you ever see an opportunity to have another bar like McCuddey's as a gathering point right across from the stadium. We miss this element from Old Comiskey.

Boyer: Miller LIte Bullpen Sports Bar is open before and after the game.

dan9167: When do baseball executive like yourself have an oppotunity for vacation given the demands throughout the season and off-season prep and winter meetings?

Boyer: Our offices are closed between the Holidays. The Boyer crew heads back to Michigan and usually gets a few days of skiing in.

3clicks: Do you ever get to eat the post game dinner spread put out for the players after the game? If so, is it great?

Boyer: No. Levy and the Bertuccis typically have me full prior to the end of the game.

dan9167: My favorite Sox uniform was the Red pinstripes from the seventies. Any chance of seeing them again?

Boyer: Certainly down the road that would be an option for an alternative uniform. We are wearing camo uniforms on July 4th this year that are pretty sweet.

homerunsox: What are your season ending predictions throughout the mlb

Boyer: Don't care as long as I have to add to the banners hanging from our light towers for Opening Day next season.

soxgirl4ever: Do you and your marketing group determine the look of the uniforms?

Boyer: Yes. We submit any changes/alterations to MLB each year. No reason to change our uniforms, in my opinion.

MrGrinch: How do you feel the marketing campaign is going this year? I really like the hawk radio commercial and the "HE GONE!" and "SWEEP!" TV ads! You guys should do more funny ones like those!

Boyer: I am very pleased with the current campaign. People are "showing their swagger" on a daily basis at the ballpark by brining signs to the game and even taking advantage of our OfficeMax sign making station. Bring your signs out and check out for ideas. Feel free to let the players know your thoughts.

dyehard1: Who is the star in the Next Sox commercial?

Boyer: I cannot tell........coming soon.

CWS_Fan: Where did you grow up?

Boyer: Town of 1,500 in south central Michigan. Went to high school in Jackson, Michigan. And, yes, I grew up a Tigers fan. Trust me, I have lost that loyalty.

swishrsox3: did you ever work with any MLB team besides the whitesox??

Boyer: No. Bulls and White Sox only.

bobsagent: What are your thoughts on starting weekday afternoon games at 1130 or noon as businessman's specials?

Boyer: We have discussed it internally and I don't foresee this happening. Maybe something down the road as a test.

3clicks: Kenny Williams is rather intense. Do you know when he is walking past your office because you can actually feel his footsteps?

Boyer: He's a teddy bear......all smiles and high fives around the office. Rick Hahn is the one you have to worry about.

mengonz: Why don't the White Sox paint their logo on the field behind home plate?

Boyer: Great question. There is a fun internal debate going on with this. At the time of this writing, this topic is currently "back burnered"

SoxWildcat: Have any favorite ballparks...besides Comiseky that is?

Boyer: Anywhere we win is the honest answer. But, I really like AT&T Park in SF and Safeco in Seattle. The new Mets and Yankees ballpark look like they will be spectacular. And, of course, you mean U.S. Cellular Field.

ltsoxfan77: Is there any change of hiring a part-time organist to fill in for Nancy at the night games?

Boyer: Not at this time.

knangreave: Will any more new items be added to the food offerings this year at US Cellular?

Boyer: What, there are not enough options already? Come early each game to take advantage of our 2 for 1 Ball Park Frank offer for the first hour after the gates open.

kcatlantis: who is your favorite whitesox player

Boyer: From a few answers before, it must be Kenny. My list is long for favorite players include: Thome, Konerko, Buehrle, Pierzynski, Jenks, Javy, Danks and Swisher. We have a lot of great guys.

mamiked: As a seaon ticket holder for the last few years, it still bothers me to see that the Chicago fans haven't wrapped their arms around the White Sox as they do on the northside. How does your marketing team feel about that?

Boyer: We keep fighting the good fight. The team on the other side of town is an anamoly. Like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers, they have a national following. Winning takes care of that and will continue to have a great ballpark experience every time out.

dan9167: Any plans to add more games to WGN to broaden the White Sox nation further outside of Chicago?

Boyer: No. We have an agreement between the broadcast partners. Our mix is much better than it was in the past.

gruberk85: Heard this rumor on the internet that the Cubs and Soxs were getting former players together to have their own hall of fame game? Is there any truth to this? If not do you think this is a good idea?

Boyer: Rumor it is as this is the first I have heard of it. Good idea? Sure, as long as we have plenty of trainers and EMS personnel on hand.

detail9: Have you made any inroads to getting a radio affiliate for the South Bend, Mishawaka,Elkhart, Goshen, Indiana market?

Boyer: funny you ask as we were discussing this yesterday. Indiana is very important to us and we are working to get more radio distribution there. If we don't, you can get radio through

johnchicago: Considering you worked at the Bulls for a good amount of time, who would you pick...Rose or Beasely?

Boyer: Rose. No question for me.

jb4eva: With the growing number of Hispanic Sox fans, do you intend to increase the number of Spanish-language broadcasts on radio and/or tv?

Boyer: TV - no. We cannot due to our TV contracts. We currenly have 40 games on WRTO with Ozzie, Jr. providing the color commentary. Our Orgullo Sox show on Telemundo has been a huge ratings hit. Make sure to check that out on Sunday nights. Our outreach programs have been quite successful. Many thanks to our friends at Miller, Pepsi and US Cellular who sponsor many of these initiatives.

swishrsox3: When do you start thinking of a new slogan for the next years team.

Boyer: Now. when we have our next winning streak, it changes. When we have our next losing streak, it changes. So......who knows?

Boyer: Alright, time to sign off. Thanks for your time and your questions. Keep bringing people out to the park to experience White Sox baseball. Get your season tickets by calling 312 674 1000. And, all White Sox staffers watching this chat: GET BACK TO WORK. Thanks everyone, get us five wins between now and next Monday.