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2016 Fireworks Games

Single Game Tickets

Rockies fireworks are the best and biggest fireworks in town! Catch the Summer Fireworks or the end-of-season September spectacular!

Purchase Information:

July 8 & July 9
Sign up now for priority access to for the Summer Fireworks games via the Rockies Ticket Opportunity

September 30
Tickets available for purchase on January 20.

Fireworks Obstructed Seats

For a great deal, check out our firework obstructed seats. These seat have a great view of the game, however due to an overhang, you will have to relocate after the game in order to view the fireworks. These seats do not have the option of moving to the field after the game.

Fireworks obstructed seats are not available at this time. Please call 303-ROCKIES for more information.